38 Weeks Bumpdate

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

We have made it so far! I am so excited to be at the end of this pregnancy! Two weeks tops and little River will be here! But most likely sooner after talking to my Dr....but he also thought River would be here by 34 weeks, so what does he even know ;) I am 2cm dilated, 70% effaced and his head is not longer moving up and down, it is engaged. I am a little more skeptical that I will be going too soon just based on my previous pregnancies and how I have been progressing this time around. 

With Lo I was 3cm and 80%-90% for over a month then was induced and with Foster I was 1cm and 75% for over a month and only made it to 2cm then was induced. My body just likes to keep babies cooking! I was 1cm and 25% allllll the way back at 28 weeks to 34 weeks. So for at least 6 weeks I stayed the same, and it could've been for 10 weeks because I stopped getting checked from 34-38 weeks. 

I am taking it very easy this week. The Dr is having me get all of my liver, kidney, platelet levels and bp checked very often now after I had more protein in my urine at my last appt. I have two weddings this weekend that I am shooting and I would really like to be able to attend rather than sending in backups. So send your labor vibes and prayers for this coming monday! It would be the perfect day so I would be able to get 5 days of rest before my next wedding. 

How Far Along: 38 Weeks!

Name: River Jayce (Bryson and I have been discussing another middle name for two middle names and I'm pretty sure we are set on it but are still waiting to tell until we meet him) 

Size: River is the size of a Pumpkin! He's anywhere from 18.9-20.9 inches and 6.2-9.2 lbs! Say what?! That's almost/as big as Foster was when he was born! So I do see River being on the smaller end of this scale, but even if he is the smallest of each of the numbers it's still so big! 

Gender: Our little dude, River Jayce! 

Total weight gain: 38 lbs. At least it seems to be slowing down now! 

Maternity Clothes: Wearing a whole lotta comfy clothes. All pants and shorts are maternity but I am still wearing my normal shirts. 

Stretch marks? Maybe a couple of new ones under my stomach. I have PUPPS rash all over my stomach though so it's hard to tell underneath it. My stomach is actually still measuring smaller than it was last month so I don't see me getting any new ones from here on out. 

Sleep: Sleep has been pretty crappy. I even started taking Unisom to help but it is doing next to nothing. If the room is not pitch black and cold I do not sleep at all. I had my first dream about having River last night, it was super crunchy and I delivered him in this birth suite by myself and there was placenta encapsulation and steam tea involved but he was super chunky, soft and had lots of black hair. Just perfect.  

Movement: So much movement. It freaks Bryson out how much he moves now. He keeps rolling from side to side and when he goes on my left side it hurts soooo bad because he is always on my right. It feels like I have a bruise from last night. 

Best moment this week: We got a little more prepared this week. I packed my bag and the kids bag but am letting Bryson pack his own. I just care so much less this time around. As long as he's not wearing a bright colored shirt or one with a huge picture on the front it's all up to him...he was supposed to pack it yesterday but he hasn't yet. So we'll see if he ends up with anything haha But the best moment this week was when my honey surprised me with a surprise baby shower. We just had family there and it was awesome. This is the ONLY surprise he has ever done for me, I even know my Christmas gifts, so it was really special. 

Hubby is: Getting excited for him to come. He is finally getting into my belly and likes to feel the strong movements. He keeps leaning down and telling him to come out now. I am telling him he has to come today or wait until Monday! We'll see who River thinks is boss....so of course he is going to prove that he is in charge and stay in there until the Dr makes him come. 

Miss Anything: I am soooo ready for summer. It is normally gorgeous right now but it has been raining like crazy and supposed to storm this weekend for two outside weddings...boooo

Belly button in or out? Out. It is stretch to the max. So tender. 

Food cravings: I am all about bland food lately, I just want rice, crackers, etc. Anything else makes me feel queasy.   

Anything making you queasy or sick: Flavored food.  

Labor Signs: More contractions, dilation and effacement. There was also blood in my pee which means I'm dilating more. 

Wedding ring on or off? Off. *tear*

Happy or Moody most of the time: I think pretty happy this week. I am stressed about the weddings this weekend and I am having some issues with a printing company (go figure, I have the worst luck)

Looking forward to: My sweet girl is graduating from kindergarten this week! Her dads and me decided she would do better with another year of kindergarten (we started her a year early) because, while she is excelling in the public school system, she is behind for her private school. In the standardized test last week she tested into two 2nd grade levels, one 1st grade level and two kindergarten levels. For her school she should have test into all 2nd grade levels. She is already reading books, doing math, reading clocks, etc but we don't want her to struggle with school because she got slightly behind in kindergarten. She was pretty bummed but I think she will really love kindergarten again next year. 

Lo and Bryson painted my nails this week. Normally I go get them done but Lo wanted to do it so Bryson helped. They only cut me twice so a pretty successful pedicure. 

This is when I thought we were going out for date night but it ended up being my surprise shower! 

I can never get over how he sleeps! He always looks like such a little prince! 

Even in the rain when mama craves a sno cone, mama gets a sno cone.

I feel like I have so many pictures of Foster because Lo is always at school or it seems like she's at her dads whenever there are big family things. This weekend we went swimming at my parents, I think we are going to go again today at noon just to relax a little bit. It will be my first time getting in the pool this year, so ready for it. 

Lots and lots of shoots this past week. I am keeping caught up on editing so I have less to do when baby is here. Me and my lopsided bump have been doing our best, some positions are a lot harder to get in now though! 


Hayley Larue said...

SUCH a cute and comfy outfit! And it looks perfect with your baby bump! <3


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