33 Weeks Bumpdate

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Can we all just agree this is a little mini Bryson?!

First, I thought I would do a quick update before getting into the weekly update. This section may be a little tmi if you get grossed out and don't like talking about cervixes, but if you love it- you've come to the right place. ;) 

So I am officially a stressed out mess. I have had two kids but because I was induced both times I honestly have zero idea how it feels to go into labor on your own. The general rule before 34 weeks is 5+ contractions in an hour you should go in. Well if I followed that rule I would have been living in the hospital for the past 8 months because I have had contractions since the beginning. Now I am getting 12-15 an hour. For a majority of the pregnancy (excluding a few times) some have been uncomfortable and hard and others I hardly notice. They are pretty inconsistent and normally slow with water and rest. 

48ish hours ago I lost parts of my mucus plug and bloody show accompanied it. No big deal, it doesn't mean labor is starting and can grow back. But since then my contractions were a lot stronger and the past 24 hours they were pretty consistently 5 minutes apart, lasting 1 1/2 - 2 minutes but they weren't getting any stronger (here's some tmi to really throw it over the edge for you but I have pretty much lived in the bathroom the past 4 days- also a sign labor could be starting). 

I was really starting to get stressed that I may be going into labor and I didn't want it to be a rushed emergency if I needed to be airlifted to Abq to deliver so I decided to call my Dr to see if I could get in and get checked. I'm sure he's so sick of seeing me at this point but I'll be annoying for peace of mind ;) 

At my appt. my bp looked great, higher than last week but still good, no protein in my urine (which means increased liver and kidney functions- I have had protein since the beginning so this is awesome news!) and when he checked me he said I was still dilated to a 1-2 but was "very soft" and River has definitely descended into the birth canal, which explains the amount of pressure I have been feeling lately. 

He decided I needed to get in for an ultrasound just to get an accurate measure on my cervical length. I picked up Lo and we headed to the appt. I am still measuring at a 2.7-2.8 so that's really great. My Dr. is still shooting for 1 more week so River most likely won't have to be transferred to Abq. Bryson thinks we'll make it to 35 weeks and I am shooting for 36; so place due date bets now! 

Adorable toes and foot! You can also see his leg and other foot going across and in the background :) 

Here you can see his hands crossed, look at his little wrist roll. I cannot handle the cuteness. You can kind of see his feet in the bottom of the picture but not super clearly. 

How Far Along: 33 Weeks

Name: River Jayce (Bryson and I have been discussing another middle name for two middle names and it's starting to grow on me, but I want to wait to see if it fits him) 

Size: Baby is the size of a durian....no, I don't know what that is but I want to try it. Anywhere from 17.2-18.7 inches and 4.2-5.8 lbs. I would guess on the smaller end of both. Foster was really small and River has been measuring right on track.

Gender: Our little dude, River Jayce! 

Total weight gain: According to the doctors scale it's 31 lbs. that seems like a really big jump for a week but who knows! It will come and it will go. 

Maternity Clothes: Maternity jeans, maxi dresses, sweats and leggings. That's 'bout it. 

Stretch marks? No new ones but I see me adding a few more to the collection before this pregnancy is done. They used to really bug me but I've kind of gotten over it these past couple of years.

Sleep: Not great, but it could be worse. Just trying to get Foster to sleep in his bed when Bryson is here.  

Movement: River is beating up my ribs and escaping from my side. This boy is a rolie polie just like his brother! 

Best moment this week: Even though it wasn't for the best circumstances but it turned out fine I loved seeing his little face! I am just so in love with him. I keep saying that over and over, but I am. Soooo in love. Also, my mom had someone come deep clean our house and it feels amazing. Definitley helps change the mindset. They even cleaned out the cabinets. I know where nothing is, and normally that's my biggest pet peeve, but it looks really good so I will survive. ;) 

Hubby is: getting anxious for his trip. I don't know if I mentioned this before on here but he is going out of town for a full week when I am 34 weeks and there is no way he would make it back in time if I do go into labor. My dr has been skeptical that I will make it to 35 weeks, but I think it will all work itself out :) 

Miss Anything: Not hurting 24/7. It is exhausting. That is really the only way to describe it. I am just so beat. 

Belly button in or out? flush with my stomach and out a little.

Food cravings: Actually not very hungry this week. Which is why I am shocked at my weight gain. I have hardly ate anything because I feel so nauseous.  

Anything making you queasy or sick: I have been very nauseous this week and constantly feel on the verge of puking. No fun at all. 

Labor Signs: Contractions, a shortening cervix, dilated to a 1-2cm and River has dropped into the birthing canal.

Wedding ring on or off? On 

Happy or Moody most of the time: I have moments of both. Bryson has been kind of annoying me lately....and I don't think it's his fault.... 

Looking forward to: Again, nothing too exciting this week. Just keeping it relaxed. 

Onto life lately!

Loving lounging on the tramp and watching Foster play with the dogs. We spend a lot of time like this when Bryson is on shift and Lo is at school. He loves being outside and cries when it's time to go in. The tramp is oddly supportive to your back! 

This dapper dude accompanied me to an OB appt and was a perfect gentleman! 

We also made an egg salad sans mayo and he absolutely loved it. I loved all the pickles in it, yum! 

Lot's of hanging out outside

and, of course, dancing with sister and playing dress up with hats. (full post to come on their adorable dress up from yesterday) 

Really trying to eat healthy lately. Doing ok, not great. 

We went to Mamy and Gramps' house yesterday and played with the bunnies and the kids. 

Foster and I also enjoyed a steam shower this week. I would stay in there for hours. The heat feels so good. 

There's been a whole lot of lounging around for this mama. 

and getting to see their adorable dress up games. Yes, my son is rocking that leotard. Lo showed us around 20 adorable outfits and then had her aunties do her makeup.

But mainly life just looks like this. Before we get Lo we hang out a lot and have really been trying to take it easy as a family. When they are out doing things I have a hard time not going with them so Bryson has been spending a lot more time with me. It will be interesting to see how Foster reacts to his daddy being gone for a full week. They are pretty inseparable when Bryson is home so hopefully I can keep him occupied here with the help of family. 


Pamela {Sequins and Sea Breezes} said...

Oh girl, I am so sorry to hear you're having so many issues with this pregnancy. Who cares if your Dr is getting sick of seeing you? It's better for your piece of mind, I'd totally do the same thing. Glad you didn't go into labor yet though! And that picture of your son rocking the leotard... I can't even deal with how cute that is! Hope you get some relaxing in!

<3, Pamela
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