39 Weeks Bumpdate

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I wish I had some fun and exciting news about big changes and that my Dr is pretty sure I'm going to go into labor today...in fact, I am actually already in labor and didn't even know it.....but yea, that's not the case. I had my appt today and there is basically zero change from last week. I am still 2 cm dilated and 75% effaced. That is the same I was with Foster when I was induced. We set an induction date for next Wednesday, June 3rd (my due date) at 5:30 am. I am still getting a ton of blood work done and if there are any changes for that then it could be sooner. 8 days isn't far away at all! I am really bummed that it's looking like I won't get my 100% natural birth that I want but I am just so thankful that River has made it to term that I am trying to focus on that instead :) 

38 Weeks Bumpdate

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

We have made it so far! I am so excited to be at the end of this pregnancy! Two weeks tops and little River will be here! But most likely sooner after talking to my Dr....but he also thought River would be here by 34 weeks, so what does he even know ;) I am 2cm dilated, 70% effaced and his head is not longer moving up and down, it is engaged. I am a little more skeptical that I will be going too soon just based on my previous pregnancies and how I have been progressing this time around. 

With Lo I was 3cm and 80%-90% for over a month then was induced and with Foster I was 1cm and 75% for over a month and only made it to 2cm then was induced. My body just likes to keep babies cooking! I was 1cm and 25% allllll the way back at 28 weeks to 34 weeks. So for at least 6 weeks I stayed the same, and it could've been for 10 weeks because I stopped getting checked from 34-38 weeks. 

37 Week Bumpdate

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

This has been a pretty good week! And it went by really fast! I keep saying this but since I have gotten into the last trimester the weeks are flying by. Especially since I have been off of bed rest. We managed to get baby's hospital bag packed and the nursery 95% finished. This week we are going to clean out our room (we are moving some books out to our shed and cleaning out closets) and getting our bags packed for the hospital then it's pretty much all upkeep from there! I do have a ton of work to keep me busy these last three weeks....and they happen to be weddings....so that is super exciting and also crazy stressful. WEDDING SEASON IS HERE PEOPLE! 

River's Nursery Reveal!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Oh my goodness we are getting stuff done this week! Ok, kind of. It's not like we had a ton to do with the nursery. We used a lot of Foster's old things and just remade them for little River. If you want to see what the nursery was like before click here. So you can see we did repaint the crib and dresser. The room was just too dark and we wanted to add some pops of color. We added prints all over the room (a new obsession of mine) and just revamped some of the old pieces. Nothing too fancy and I wouldn't say it is 100% done yet but we are officially ready-ish for a baby! I say ready-ish because I definitely underestimated how many of Foster's clothes were just unusable from spit up. They were just bad. We only have around 10 outfits from 0-6months but after 6 months we are set! That just means I get to shop at some of the mama shops on instagram that I have been eyeing ;)

Baby # 3 Hospital Bag (AKA Cut the Crap)

Saturday, May 9, 2015

If you've been following my blog for awhile odds are that you have already checked out my previous hospital bag for Baby #2. I stand by that list, it's a good list, but this is baby number three and I was ready to seriously trim the fat and am only bringing stuff that I thought was 100% necessary. Before getting too excited and packing your bag, call where you plan on delivering and see what they provide. Most hospitals will cover some, if not all, of the things I have packed but I am putting them into this list because if my hospital didn't cover this stuff, this would be what I would want to have with me. 

36 Week Bumpdate

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Wow! We are at 36 weeks! How crazy is that?! time is flying by now and this week has been absolutely insane. I finished school, helped/hosted some baby showers, went on walks, worked a ton, got larger and by the end of the week baby River dropped! and he dropped hard. All of these pictures except one are from early in the week and you can see the difference. It's a crazy feeling when baby drops, your tummy gets smaller (again, not these pics, I'm huge!) and you start walking like you're holding a ball in between your legs. I had my Dr's appt on Tuesday, everything looked great, I gained 8....yes, 8 lbs and am measuring 4 weeks small...he dropped that much! My Dr. is shocked that I made it this far (which he says every week) and doesn't think I'll make it to next week. He wanted to check me at the appt but I opted out. I'm sure I'll get checked at my next check when he does the Group B Strep test as well. These past two days I have had crazy strong contractions, they make me stop in my tracks and I have to consciously breathe through them. They never get consistent though. I'm hoping I make it to 37 weeks! That would be such a huge milestone and was my next one after 34 weeks. If I do manage to go full term the Dr decided to induce me the week of the 3rd. He said he could do it at 39 weeks rather than 40 but I'd like to give River that extra week to cook if I can :) My bp has been great and the protein and seizures have been controlled so I don't see a reason why I wouldn't make it!  

Mothers Day Wish List

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

1. These sneaks.
I haven't bought new sneakers since 6th grade. I have been using my little sisters hand me downs ever since we shared the same size. I can't wait to get back into running after little River is here! Time to lose some of the fat!
I have been eye balling these sunglasses for MONTHS but they have been on back order :( Well, they are finally  back in stock! I have had the same sunglasses for years but Foster broke them on accident a couple of months ago so I have been waiting for these to be my next favorite glasses for a couple of years :) 
3. Fitbit
Mama needs to get back into shape after River is here! My polar watch finally bit the dust after lots of great use and the fitbit is the next great thing. I love that this one has GPS with it. 

4. Facial/Prenatal Massage. 
Nuff said. 

5. If all else fails a gift card to Nordstrom would be much appreciated. I am in need of some new summer shoes! 

6. But really, the absolute best Mother's Day gift I could get would be my sweet River Jayce. This little boy will be making his debut any time and he would be a perfect Mothers Day present. 

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