37 Week Bumpdate

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

This has been a pretty good week! And it went by really fast! I keep saying this but since I have gotten into the last trimester the weeks are flying by. Especially since I have been off of bed rest. We managed to get baby's hospital bag packed and the nursery 95% finished. This week we are going to clean out our room (we are moving some books out to our shed and cleaning out closets) and getting our bags packed for the hospital then it's pretty much all upkeep from there! I do have a ton of work to keep me busy these last three weeks....and they happen to be weddings....so that is super exciting and also crazy stressful. WEDDING SEASON IS HERE PEOPLE! 

Remember last week when I told you all River dropped and I sounded like a crazy person repeating it over and over? It's because I'm not crazy! Check out this before (last week <--) and after (-->this week)! No wonder I am measuring so much smaller, baby is getting ready to be born! These are exactly a week apart. 
I had an appt yesterday and opted out of getting checked. I really don't want to disrupt anything since the goal is full term. Sweet little River if you could come on May 31 or June 1st you would help mommy out sooooo much. If not then please come on a Monday. That will at least give me a couple of days to rest! I did not have this stress with Foster. I took the whole summer off just to get a break and bond with him. My business has grown way too much this past year to consider slowing down right now. 

How Far Along: 37 Weeks!

Name: River Jayce (Bryson and I have been discussing another middle name for two middle names and it's starting to grow on me, but I want to wait to see if it fits him) 

Size: River is the size of a Winter Melon! He's anywhere from 18.9-20.9 inches and 6.2-9.2 lbs! Say what?! That's almost/as big as Foster was when he was born! So I do see River being on the smaller end of this scale, but even if he is the smallest of each of the numbers it's still so big! 

Gender: Our little dude, River Jayce! 

Total weight gain: 37 lbs. Down one pound, I'll take it. I know it will go back up plus some next week (just preparing myself) but we are also so close to the end! 

Maternity Clothes: Mainly comfy clothes, if I wear jeans or shorts then they are maternity :) 

Stretch marks? I don't think I have any new stretch marks but I do have the start of PUPPS on my stomach. So stinking itchy and there are more and more every day. 

Sleep: Some nights are great and others aren't but not feeling overly exhausted recently.  

Movement: Lots and lots of movement. Some more painful movement. River is a strong little man! 

Best moment this week: Getting the nursery done felt so great. Lo also had field day this week and I had a blast watching her and playing with Foster. Bryson also had a softball game and it was so fun watching him! He was supposed to have another one tonight but it was rained out. 

Hubby is: Trying to get River to come out but not by traditional methods. He keeps scaring me because he is sure that that is what is going to make him come out. Every strong contraction that I get he freaks out and asks if we need to go to the hospital. 

Miss Anything: Organization and routine. I am ready to get back into a normal routine.

Belly button in or out? Out. I have the weirdest belly button.

Food cravings: I haven't been too hungry this week, I'm pretty sure River is all up in my stomach. I still just want snacks like trail mix. It gives me energy and isn't hard on my stomach.  

Anything making you queasy or sick: Just nauseous a lot. Sometimes it comes out of nowhere. 

Labor Signs: Super strong contractions and a baby that has dropped! 

Wedding ring on or off? Off, it's a long story.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Bryson and I have been taking turns being cranky this week. 

Looking forward to: Meeting out little man and settling into a routine as a family of five. We are ready to meet our little man and we only have 22 days left! 

This week Foster and I went and watched dad play softball. He had to go in baby jail (the stroller) because he kept running away from me. 

This week was sisters field day so we played on the playground a lot. Foster is so scared to cross the bridges! He just froze, even when I was holding his hand. It worked out for me because he just hung out at the bottom and I didn't have to worry about him falling through. 

Watching sister and eating an apple. He was so exhausted after field day. We need to go to the park for half the day every day because he has been so stinking hyper this week! He has been running around the house dumping out all the drawers and screaming all week. 

Three legged race

Running long jump

Standing long jump

100 Yard dash

When I get strong contractions I have been getting on my hands and knees. Foster thinks it's awesome and jumps on my back yelling, "Weeeee". Definitely does not help. 

As always we have our snuggle time. He has been the biggest mamas boy still! 

This week my niece was dedicated at our church. She looked so perfect! Bryson couldn't stop talking about how cute she was. 

Bryson finished painting this week! The dresser and the crib turned out adorable <3 I normally don't like too much color but I love how it turned out. I supervised and commented on Bryson's streaky paint job so he redid it haha I love him and I think he still loves me, who knows after these hormones lately.

Foster and I have lived on the yoga ball this week! I made the mistake of bouncing him crazy the first day we got it and now that's all he wants to do. The kids love it. They roll around on it all day. It has helped so much with my back and pelvic pressure. 

Nursery sneak peek :) 

River's hospital bag! I love his going home outfit! 


Logan Cantrell said...

Wow, you look awesome! Come on baby River!! I know you are ready!

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