So You Wanna Start a Juice Fast...

Monday, June 16, 2014

Juicing is obviously huge right now and there are a lot of reasons why so many people have jumped on board the juice train (if you've been following me for awhile swap juice train with The Juice Bus ;) ) Juicing gives your body a much needed break from using energy to break down food and send that energy straight to you to use. I also have to say I absolutely loathe the word fast. In our house we  call it a juice cleanse but it is commonly referred to as a juice feast because, if you are fasting properly, you should never feel a hungry sensation. 

Here are some of the main reasons why I, personally, juice feast:

* To give my digestive system a break
* Allow the body to cleanse waste and toxins a greatly accelerated speed
* To learn that missing a meal isn't the worst thing in the world 
* To experience how energizing nourishing foods are - rather than filling foods
* To reestablish your gratitude for food
* Save money and time from prepping 
* To gain control over food, rather than food controlling you
* Weight-loss

What I {ATE} Wednesday

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I've been deciding whether or not to start this new post series call What I Wednesday. I'll post what I {LOVE} {ATE} {WORE} and who knows what else! I thought first I'd just go over a quick day of what I normally eat. 

I eat anywhere from 800-1500 calls a day and some days are freakin killer and others could use some work but I enjoy food and I'd rather eat good food and be happy than dry salad and be that person. 
You can't even pretend to like dry salad.
It's gross. 

I always start off my morning with some type of juice. It's normally very green but sometimes I like to mix it up with a little more fruit. 

The Problems with Blogging {A Little Life Lately}

Monday, June 9, 2014

As of late I have been MIA because of a major computer malfunction. Long story short I thought I lost all of my pictures (and all of my clients pictures) and I thought my new computer was fried. Thankfully it was able to get restored and my cousin was able to get all 221 GB of data off of my computer. So let's get to the problems with blogging. 

Foster Brady: 10 Month Update

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hello all! I'm sorry I have been so distant lately but my computer is in the shop and I have been stressed beyond belief lately. But it's looking like it'll be fixed soon so here's another phone post :) 

Age: 10 Months 
Height: 27.5 inches
Weight: 22.6 lbs 
Milestones: He's still working on walking and this month he's gotten even more active (I didn't know it was possible. He absolutely loves going outside and he'll crawl/run to the back door and yell, "PUPPY!!!" Until we go outside. 
Best Moment:  He does this thing we call Sweet Baby where he lays his head on you and cuddles. It normally means that he did something naughty or he's going to do something naughty. 
Health: Perfect :) it's crazy to me that it's time to start planning his first birthday! 
Eating: We are still trucking on with breast feeding, with no signs of quitting in the neat future. When he's with other people he will hardly drink from a bottle so he eats really well but when I'm home hrs constantly latched on. 
Teeth: 7 teeth for this big boy. 3 on top and 4 on the bottom. 
Extra Comments: He's getting so big and he has been a blast. He is sooooo different from Lo and I love his naughty little personality. He's been a big mommas boy lately and I can't say that I mind :) 
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