Baby # 3 Hospital Bag (AKA Cut the Crap)

Saturday, May 9, 2015

If you've been following my blog for awhile odds are that you have already checked out my previous hospital bag for Baby #2. I stand by that list, it's a good list, but this is baby number three and I was ready to seriously trim the fat and am only bringing stuff that I thought was 100% necessary. Before getting too excited and packing your bag, call where you plan on delivering and see what they provide. Most hospitals will cover some, if not all, of the things I have packed but I am putting them into this list because if my hospital didn't cover this stuff, this would be what I would want to have with me. 

Going home outfit. I will most likely have to stay 48 hours again this time but I am only bringing one going home outfit. Baby's first day was spent naked on me or dad. I am bringing two onsies that I am going to put under the sleeper because blowouts happen! Yes, even on the first day. 

As a third time mommy I should know better than to bring a sleep sack to bring him home in because it makes it hard to buckle the carseat. That's another reason I am bringing the onsies so I can slide up the sleeper and he still has something on under it instead of just a diaper. 

 Mittens and Socks. Honestly, we don't use mittens a ton. I would rather kiss those cute little fingers and hold his hands but this is nice for when I have the night sweats after I have him and want the room at negative 20 degrees. 

Two of these three things are for me but will have a normal home in the diaper bag so that is where they will be. Some ladies do not get leaky boobs until a couple days after they have baby but I am not one of those people. My body has already opened the flood gates and more days than not I have a wet bra. With the gushes that are coming out of your downstairs though it is likely that leaky breasts will be the worst of your problems. 
I also do not use nipple cream often. I would rather them toughen up and get calloused quickly but some women swear by this stuff and if I start to crack or bleed then I will use it to help them heal. 
Butt paste is awesome for diaper rash. At home we use 4F Cream which is made with charcoal by a pharmacist in our home town but Bourdreaux's Butt Paste (original) is comparable to it. I avoid Destin because of the fragrance. If your baby has a sensitive bum this is the stuff to use. 

Diapers, Wipes and a Paci. My son never took the paci and my daughter hated this brand. All hospitals I know provide all three of these items but the diapers and wipes are an absolute need if they do not. 

Burp Cloths, Swaddlers and a Warm Blanket. My first spit up maybe once and my second spit up cups at a time until he was 10 months old. Burp clothes are also great to stick in your bra when you are nursing if baby looks away and spills all over. 
Last time I brought receiving blanket and swaddlers but this time I am sticking to my favorite A+A swaddlers. They are lightweight, huge and perfect for covering up when people come to see baby and you are bfing. I am bringing the same warm blanket I brought for my son for the same reason as the mittens. Mama likes her room cold and I don't want to freeze out baby. 

Boppy and Diaper Bag. I am in love with my Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy diaper bag. I have raved on it and I still love it just as much today as I did two years ago. My husband loves it too. It can be worn as a back pack and has a foldout changing station. It is also huge on the inside!
I am bringing the hoppy again because I was exhausted and shaky after labor with both of my kids. It is nice to be able to wrap it around you and give your arms a little support while you hold your new baby. 

One thing I do not have pictures is my breast pump. I have the Medela Advanced In Style and will be bringing it and leaving it in the car. If River has to be transferred to the NICU I would like to be able to pump with a pump I am already comfortable with. 

That's it! Babies really do not need much! Some more experienced moms may even say that I am bringing too much. This is what I have found that I use for the 24-48 hours that I am in the hospital. 

What do you think moms/dads? What do you find to be a necessity while in the hospital for baby? 

Updated Mommy and Daddy Hospital bag coming soon! 


Amanda s. said...

Tmi, but I SWEAR by the Lansinoh Soothies--little gel pads you put on your nipples. Even with my second, they nursed so vigorously that it felt like my nipples had been rubbed with sandpaper. The Soothies did the trick! I recommend them to all new moms.

As far as the pump, I personally would leave it. The pumps they had at the hospital were awesome, and they give you your own set of pump parts, which also comes with a manual pump which was much more effective than an electric one during the engorgement phase!

My other recommendation is a battery-operated night light for use during labor and late-night feedings. Hospital lights are too harsh!

Looks like you've got a good set up! I'm so glad you reached the 36 week mark!

Elle Sees said...

since i do not have kids myself, i love seeing what others bring to the hospital. i cannot wait to see little river!

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