Bountiful Baskets {Review}

Saturday, October 25, 2014

We finally have a Bountiful Baskets in my home town! I have been waiting for one to open up here and it's amazing! You can buy up to three baskets ($15 each for all of the food) but for the first time I just wanted to see what all was in it and the quality of the food. I was super pleased! The only downside is you don't get to pick what you get but I have ideas for pretty much everything! Except the people really eat radishes? 

Everything we got is in good shape and some of it isn't ripe yet so it will last awhile. I will definitely get 3 baskets next time,  I would save over $90 that way! Win. Win. Win.

They come every two weeks and it's always different foods but is always 50% fruits and 50% veggies. I was hoping we would get some potatoes/carrots so I could make some soup but we still have a lot of different things and with the money that we save it's no problem picking a couple of things up from the store. 

So below I have the prices of what everything would have cost if I purchased it at the store. 

Baked Honey Mustard Chicken

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

You know it's a good meal when your one year old takes a bite and then hi-fives you or when your husband says, "This is delicious!" and your 5 year old interjects with, "This is more than delicious, it's...DELICIOSO!" 

Lo Started Kindergarten

Sunday, October 12, 2014

This year my sweet girl started Kindergarten. She has been doing amazing and has made so many awesome friends. She has really grown from a toddler to a kid this year and it's still weird for me to look and not see a little baby. She has been such a huge help with Foster and loves her brother more than anything, and he loves her just as much. Whenever Bryson is at work they will both sleep in bed with me and normally when it's just Foster and I he will crawl over and give me lots of kisses, but when Lo is home he totally ignores me and loves on his sister.  When it is time to wake Lo up for school he runs into her room yelling "Sissy". 

Every year I give Lo a little mini interview and it's fun to see how her answers have changed over the years and what has stayed the same.
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