Foster's Two!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

This weekend we had Foster Brady's second birthday party! I seems like just yesterday we were throwing his first birthday. This year he wanted a Minion birthday party so we did a super simple swimming minion party! I was sure we were going to get rained out but instead it was the perfect shady and warm day for swimming. He had lots of friends show up and the big kids swam the entire time. 

We started the day with homemade Mickey Mouse pancakes and bacon then we went to Mamy and Gramp's house to set up for his birthday. While I was setting up Bryson went to grab fruit, veggies and candles and on the way back he picked up Taco Bell so we could eat before the party. Foster had a burrito and taco that he quickly fed to the dog.

Instead of a cake we had minion twinkles but my favorite part of the whole day was when he grabbed one of the veggie trays and brought it over to his little table to eat all alone. When everyone was singing him Happy Birthday he didn't know what to think so he screamed at everyone to stop. 

River was unimpressed with the days shenanigans and just wanted to be held the whole time....wait, that's every day. Lo was so busy swimming with everyone I saw her maybe 5 minutes the whole time and besides that she was swimming around the pool. 

Like any good mom I took a plethora of pictures that I couldn't narrow down, so enjoy 934093275 pictures from Foster's second birthday party! 

River: 1 Month

Sunday, July 5, 2015

River Jayce Jude! 

Our big boy is already 1 month! Where has the time gone? He's done a lot of growing and gotten a million snuggles so I am going to do a mini update of his first month and then go over some of my favorite moments we've had with him :) 

Age: 1 Month
Height:  22 inches
Weight: 10.6 lbs, +3lbs
Milestones: Is eating a ton and cuddling considered a milestone? If so than that's what we do. Really though, he is focusing on things and awake more. He still would like to just cuddle on mom all day but now he's playing more :)
Best Moment: My favorite moments are just cuddling with him and I love wearing him in his carrier.  My very favorite time was when we first came home from the hospital and we slept together all day for the first four days or so. I love bonding with the little being that grew in my belly for nine months.
Worst Moment: He HATED the Dr's office but didn't make a peep during his heel prick. He just screamed the whole appt 
Health: He's doing amazing. He's growing like crazy and hitting/surpassing all of the milestones he should be. We have another appt for his heart and a check up with shots next month but ever all he seems to be doing really well. Foster was even sick and River managed to stay healthy eve though everyone else caught a strain of it. 
Eating: Obviously eating is going great. He's my little chubby boy! Him and Foster were less than a pound different in weight when they were born but River is already two pounds more than Foster was at this age. 
Extra Comments: This month has flown by! He's been with us the entire time, work and all and is always held or in the carrier. He's our baby baby and he's already getting spoiled rotten. And I love it! 
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