30 Week Bumpdate

Monday, March 23, 2015

Do you ever have days when your selfies just turn out pretty dang ok? Me neither, especially with the fat face I've been rocking lately. Thank you pre-e swelling. So I had to document a day when I actually got ready and was feeling pretty good about myself! We went to church and then to Target before I had a bridal consultation. 

I over did it and ended up sitting in the car waiting for Bryson and Foster to finish shopping and felt pretty crappy the rest of the day but I am still trying to find my limits and after laying in bed day in and day out when I finally get a chance to do something I normally over do it by trying to do everything in one day. I'll get the hang of it these next two and half months!

Really, this is how my days or normally spent. We don't even change from our jammies. 

 He thought we was so funny yesterday when I would try to take a picture he would hold up his cheddar bunnies then he would laugh and laugh that I couldn't see his face.

30 Week update! We are finally getting near the end! 

 How Far Along: 30 Weeks

Name: River Jayce

Size: River is the size of a cucumber! So anywhere from 15.2 - 16.7 inches and 2.5-3.8 lbs. Grow baby grow! 

Gender: I actually just have to print off some things to make our announcements pretty and we will be ready to tell the fam on April 5th! Which means you all will probably be in the loop on the 6th :) I really hope my announcements turn out cute, I'll be working on them this whole time!

Total weight gain: 26 lbs. No additional weight gain this week, thank goodness. 

Maternity Clothes: Not really, it's getting warm enough here for maxi dresses so that and jammies have been my go to this week.

Stretch marks? No new ones yet, but I should probably start being more diligent with the lotions.

Sleep: Sleep is pretty good this week! I know I just jinxed myself and now it will suck tonight. 

Movement: A lot less movement this week, which made me nervous. But I still feel River I just think there was a huge growth spurt so s/he is running out of room to move. 

Best moment this week: Lo has been so lovey since we picked her up from her dads, also Bryson has his full four days off this week and it's Lo's spring break! So we are just enjoying our little family.  

Miss Anything: Bike riding. 

Belly button in or out? Out. It's really sensitive too.

Food cravings: Today I was really craving sweets. I'm glad I picked up some sweet flavored greek yogurts. They've been helping to satisfy my cravings.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I was puking today, no reason why. I had just felt nauseous this afternoon and then it caught up to me.

Labor Signs: Contractions and a shortening cervix.

Wedding ring on or off? On 

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy that it's Spring Break (not for me, but for Lo) so we get to see her a ton.

Looking forward to: We get to watch my sweet niece Claira Rose for four days this week! I can't wait to watch her chase Foster around the house :) 


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