What to Pack in Your Baby's Hospital Bag

Monday, June 17, 2013

If you're here from The Bump, Welcome! I am so glad that you made it on over to my humble little blog! This is my #2 most read blog post with What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag as my most popular post and Birth Plan: To Have or Not to Have following up in third. If you have any questions or have found certain things that worked best for you feel free to comment and let me know! 

With only 3-6 weeks until our little man is here I figured it was time to get the last minute stuff and pack the bags! Since this is baby number two I know a bit of what I should pack. A couple things I have in this list are for me but they are going to be packed in my diaper bag normally so I included them in this post 

1) Diaper Bag! - I LOVE my new Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag. It's extremely spacious and it can be converted to a backpack. There are also a ton of pockets and it has an awesome built in changing station!

2) Warm Blanket - It's 101 degrees in New Mexico right now but it may be chilly in the room so I just wanted to be prepared in case

3) 3 Receiving Blankets - The hospital will provide these if you forget but I just wanted to have my own :)

4) Swaddling Blankets - Even though I am packing the receiving blankets I packed two INCREDIBLE swaddlers and they are very light weight and stretchy. They stay put and are 100% organic.

5) Privacy Clip - This is a strap with two clips on either end and you can hook them to your receiving blankets so when you're breast feeding you can cover up

6) 3 Burp Cloths - Pretty self explanatory, babies are messy :)

7) 3 Outfits - Typically you would only stay for 24 hours after you have the baby (if it's in the middle of the night you'll need two outfits) but because of complications with my last birth they are wanting me to stay 48 hours for monitoring. The hospital will provide white onsies but that is it! If you want anything else you need to bring them. Also I made sure each outfit had a little hat with it so he stays nice and warm.

8) 3 Mitten and 3 Socks - Again, pretty self explanatory, you need to keep their piggies warm and you don't want him scratching his little face.

9) Diaper Rash Cream - Just in case he gets a little rash. His sister had sensitive skin and Desitin made her rash so we use Boudreauxs Butt Paste and 4F Cream (Fisk's Fabulous Fanny Fixer)

10) Lanolin Cream (Nipple Cream) - If you're breastfeeding be prepared for dry, cracked and bleeding nipples. I will actually start applying this a couple weeks before he comes.

11) Baby Shoes -Totally don't need it but my husband loved them so if he has big feet like his sister we'll put them on with his going home outfit.

12) Nursing Pads - Leaky boobs. Nuff said.

13) Diapers and Wipes - The hospital will provide these also but the diapers are a size one and normally HUGE (unless you're expecting a 10 lb baby). The wipes will already be in the diaper bag so they are just staying there.

14) 2 Soothers - We will only use these if he starts to suck his thumb. It's easier to break that habit later down the road.

15) Boppy Pillow - This is a must if you're breastfeeding. It's hard enough to breastfeed (for me anyways it was) and it's perfect for late night feedings. (The pillow obviously isn't in it. It's in the shed and I need Bryson to get it out haha)

16) Toy Puppy - Again this is totally something that we don't need but Logan picked it out for her little brother and she wants it to be his first puppy so we're bringing it!

17) Breast Pump! - The hospital will provide this also but it is a hand pump one and I had such a hard time bfing Logan that I have my own. I have the Medela Advance Style Pro and it was amazing! I have to grab that also.

All the electronics like the camera, video camera, ipad, chargers, ect are in my bag :) Post Here

Our three outfits. The one with the fire trucks on it is the one that we'll take his first picture in to be sent out to all the fire fighters that Bryson works with :) The colors are kind of dark but that's a blue Gap hat 

Three pairs of socks and three pairs of mittens 

Newborn size diapers and a wipe case that came with the diaper bag 

Three burp cloths, Three receiving blankets and Two lightweight swaddlers. Also the thicker blanket and the privacy clip.

Two things we don't need but are lugging along anyways! 

Boppy cover which will have a pillow in it tonight! 

Disposable nursing pads, soothers, diaper cream and nipple cream 

Isn't this diaper bag amazing?! it unfolds into a changing station and the diapers and wipes fit perfectly 

Everything is all packed in! There are 5 pockets on the inside that all the little items are in and the clothes, blankets and burp clothes are rolled and folded in the big main pocket. 

and the blanket fits perfectly on top!

Boom! One down 3 to go! (My bag, my husbands bag and my daughter's overnight bag for my parents) 


Dustin & Katie said...

Where did you find the "privacy clip"? LOVE your lists -- I'm 30 weeks now and SO anxious to start the packing process!

Makeover With Aspen said...

I got it as a gift at my baby shower but I am guessing Target or Walmart :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there. What swaddling cloth brand did you use?

Thanks for the tips. Great blog

Makeover With Aspen said...

They are Aden & Anais and I LOVE them! They are completely amazing and very big but light weight. They are worth every penny.

Anonymous said...

So if you have breastfeeding problems, will the hospital provide formula if you need it?

JP in JB said...

Found your list extremely helpful!! Love the privacy clip also and now am on the hunt for one! Can you tell me what the difference is between receiving and swaddling blankets? Been trying to find an answer and have yet to find a good explanation.

Baby Bag said...

With only 3-6 weeks until our little man is here I figured it was time to get the last minute stuff and pack the bags! Since this is baby number two I ... ibabybag.blogspot.com

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