Foster Brady: 9 month update

Thursday, May 15, 2014

So this post is a little late but we've had so many incredible memories this month that I figured late was better than never. Foster had a doctors appointment the day before his nine month birthday so I'll go ahead and use all of those measurements :) 

Age: 9 Months 
Height: 29 inches 75%
Weight: 19 lbs 8 oz 50%
Milestones: He can say a lot of words like momma, dada, papa, puppy, sis and it's up in the air if he said dacy (his aunt). He also has teeth galore, can skoot on a skateboard, WALKED 5 steps and can stand forever. This month his personality is really showing. He loves being a trickster and will hide and scare you. He is also showing me that he is trouble! This is only one of his recent escapades but he flips over his toy basket, pushes it to the couch and climbs up. The only problem is he hasn't quite been able to figure out how to get down so he just rolls off. This boy is crazy! He is always bruised! 
Best Moment:  So many great moments but a couple of my favorites are him wrestling with sister, it is absolutely hilarious and riding bikes with this adventurous boy. He loves riding bikes whether it's in the trailer or on his own bike. He also does this bratty thing where he'll do something naughty and then smile really big and claps. Oh! And he's biting- definitely NOT a best moment. 
Health: Great! He's growing so big and it's crazy how much he's changed this month! 
Eating: We are still exclusively breast feeding! He can eat regular food but he really prefers milk. We'll give him anything we eat for dinner but normally it end up on the ground. One thing he loves is drinking out of cups! 
Teeth: 5 teeth! Two on top and three on the bottom. They are so funny and spread out. I love it :) 
Extra Comments: The another month has came and gone and I can't believe how big he is! (This post is so late he's almost 10 months!) He is so wild and rough! I can't believe it's time to start planning his first birthday! (I promise I won't cry) ((I totally will)) 

Seriously, there is nothing funnier than them wrestling 

Brunette to Ashy Blonde

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hey ladies! If you follow any of my Facebook sites or instagram then you probably notice I had a big makeover a couple of days ago. My gorgeous Shey brought my hair back to a fun summer color. I have changed my hair color a million times and have always gone back to the same boring blonde, NOT THIS TIME! This time I was really excited to do something different and I think that I'll definitely be keeping this color for a LONG time. 

Easy Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Saturday, May 10, 2014

So I think we can all see why I wear makeup every single day. Beware, that face jumps out at you in the video before you have time to prepare yourself for what is about to happen. 

I have never considered myself an expert in makeup but I do know what works for my face shape and I know I like to keep it natural looking 99% of the time. With so many incredible makeup artists out there I was super flattered that you all wanted to see what I do for my daily makeup. 

I own no fancy brushes and I buy makeup every 2ish years. 
I haven't bought a new eyeshadow in 4+ years and so far it's worked pretty good for me! I used to sell makeup for Arbonne so I am pretty stocked up on eyeshadows and lipsticks haha but the rest of the stuff I pick up at Target/the grocery store and I do like Bare Minerals. 

This video is kind of long for something that literally takes me 5 minutes but I tried you guys haha 

If you like my makeup tutorial and want to see more videos be sure to subscribe, like and comment with what you'd like to see next! 

Beer Yoga

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

So this week I discovered probably the coolest thing ever to grace the yoga community, and that is beer yoga. The best thing about it (besides alcohol and yoga) is that it's at a brewery so it's not crap beer, it's super delicious microbrew. Mix that with some awesome people and you have a new weekly tradition for me. This class was so awesome and a really tough workout! It's DDP (I think, don't quote me on that) yoga and it's really hard. We worked legs and my butt was burning by the end!

Day in the Life: Bryson's Marathon Day

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Here is another Day in the Life Vlog :) I'll be posting tutorials and what not soon that you all have been asking for forever! 

Choosing the winner for the iPad Air tonight so be sure to enter asap! 

My First Vlog!

Friday, May 2, 2014

So here it is, my first vlog. It's a little longer than I want and I should've trimmed some parts but overall I'm happy with it! Please like and subscribe! 

Calling All YouTubers!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hey all. 

I have a confession.

I'm addicted to YouTube. 

I know what you're thinking, who isn't!? 

You may have notice the low quality vidoes I've been putting up that are obviously from my phone. They are just super simple videos that I have been trying my hardest to take (which is crazy embarrassing because I have a nice camera that takes bomb videos). I love looking back on photos from when Lo was small but you know what brings this momma to tears? 

The videos of her saying monkey, or dropping her first puppy because he was "hebby". 

So this brings me to the post, I need help! 

I really have no idea what to do to make  1) an interesting video 2) what people would even want to see 3) any advice! 

I don't plan on just doing videos but I thought it would be fun to add them to my day in the life posts or just random posts. 

So what do you guys like/don't like in a youtube video? 

I think my main question is, WOULD ANY OF YOU EVEN WATCH IT?
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