27 Week Bumpdate {+ some Life Lately}

Sunday, March 8, 2015

 This post is going to have a lot in it with River's update, my update and some life lately. I thought I would start with River, then me, then some life lately :) 

We had our second appt with our perinatologist on Monday and from what I gathered from the Dr, everything seemed like it was going great. He was verryyy quick and didn't really give us time for questions but the tech took her time and said everything was looking great. I'm just assuming if there is a problem than he would have talked to us about it. I have my normal appt with my Dr tomorrow so I plan on going over everything with him. 
Also, fingers crossed that I can get off bed rest. I have been feeling really good these past couple of days and have hardly been contracting at all. I am feeling sluggish and am ready to start living life, going on walks and enjoying this warmer weather. 

Wow I have been awful with my updates! It's been almost a month since my last one. (I'm nearing the end of 27 weeks now, Hello third trimester!) 

Total weight gain: 22 lbs 
Gender: We know but aren't ready to say. I think we are going to announce around Easter :) Maybe, we'll see how we are feeling about everything. I don't know why but I am justing wanting to keep it between our family for now. 
Name: River Jayce
Size: On Monday River was measuring in at 1 lb 15 oz! Baby is as big as a rutabaga and anywhere from 13.6-14.8 inches!
Maternity Clothes: I am just wearing my normal clothes. As most of you can tell, I prefer baggy clothes so I haven't had to buy anything. I also have been pretty self conscious about my weight gain lately, I am only two lbs away from my highest weight: and the weight I said I would never get back to. So I am not wearing a lot of form fitting clothes.

Stretch marks? No new ones that I can see.

Sleep: I have slept pretty good this week! My Mema bought me a new body pillow and it is making such a huge difference. My hips are also feeling a lot better.

Movement: River moves and moves and moves. Sometimes I get worried s/he isn't head down anymore because of all the movement! 
Best moment this week: Yesterday was a lot of fun. I went to my friends baby shower who is a couple weeks ahead of me and my little cousins fourth birthday. I felt great all day but was exhausted when Foster and I finally got home. He took a long nap way to close to bed time so we stayed up late and slept in today :) 
Bryson has also been working soooo much lately, I have hardly seen him for a month, so the rare nights he was home this week we just laid in bed after the kids were asleep and joked and talked. We haven't had a lot of just hanging out lately and it was really, really nice. 
Miss Anything: I want to go swimming! I am ready for summer to be here! 
Belly button in or out? Pretty much just out, but not to wear you can see it through shirts.
Food cravings: I am ready for some healthy foods. I am getting back into our food co-op so I can have more fresh fruits and veggies around the house. I miss my vegan/raw lifestyle and am hoping to slowly transition back into it. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Sometimes the contractions along with River moving up this week has made me nauseous. But I have felt pretty good! 
Labor Signs: Just the braxton hicks. 

Symptoms: I finally feel like my morning sickness is going away! Maybe it's the better weather but I am feeling really good these past couple of days.
Wedding ring on or off? On and a little big. 
Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty happy lately with some hormone induce annoyance.
Looking forward to: My Dr's appt tomorrow. I am hoping we can reduce the bed rest. The liver/kidney and seizure meds he has me on really seem to be helping. 

Now onto some life lately! 
Foster has his first double ear infection so he has been a great bed rest buddy. He hasn't been feeling too well but his meds seem to be kicking in now.

 My little sister watched him while we were at the ultrasound and this is what I came home to. He loves wearing panties but is soooo not ready for potty training yet. 

Lo's gymnastics is doing March Madness this month and this past week was super-hero. So, of course, Lo had to dress up as her favorite superhero, Spiderman. 

Bryson has been working soooo much and doing a ton of training, but that means I get his hot/grumpy work selfies ;) 

Shower time for Foster Brady! I just can't get enough of that cute little butt! 

Foster and I spend a lot of time in my room just hanging out. We have taken more selfies than Kim K and Foster is obsessed with seeing himself! So was Lo at this age. Anytime I took a video of her she'd yell, "See!" before it had even finished because she wanted to see what she looked like.

We're not so sure about this time change business. We'll see how we're feeling tomorrow when we have to bring sissy to school. Today Foster woke up at almost nine! (We did stay up late but still, that's just crazy)


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