Easter + A Gender Reveal

Sunday, April 5, 2015

So we'll just cut to the chase. I know you all can't wait to see the pictures of the kids hunting their eggs and playing with bunnies and finding out what we're having is last on your list ;) buuuutttt I thought I would start with our exciting news that we have kept a secret since week 16! (Or maybe even before) 

We were originally not planning on finding out what we were having but you all know how rough this pregnancy has been and how many ultrasounds we have ended up having to have so it's been impossible not to tell that we are having a....


YES! We are having another little dude and I am over the moon. I love rambunctious little boys and cannot wait to have HIM as a part of our family. We  have had a couple more scares this past week with me and there will be some changes discussed with our doctor on Tuesday, but that is another post for another day because today I just want to focus on how happy I am that we are able to tell everyone what we were having! 

Now onto the adorable pictures of Easter that you just couldn't wait for ;) The morning started off with Lo and Foster following a trail of eggs to their new trampoline in the back yard! Daddy made us breakfast and we headed to church for morning service then to my Mema's house where Bryson helped get some last minute things set up and I laid on the couch. 

Because we were the first ones there Lo and Foster were able to play on the bouncy house and with the bunnies all by themselves before the madness that is all of our family functions. Once everyone was there, there was around 60 people eating and having a good time. It was the perfect time to tell everyone what we were having when everyone had sat down and was in one place. 

Easter egg hunts are always so much fun. The little kids look in the front yard while the big kids look in the back. This was Lo's first year with the big kids and you could tell she was pretty cool ;) Foster lost interest pretty quick, pretty much as soon as he found a broom it was all over. Then he plopped himself down and started opening eggs to eat the candy inside. He found the money egg this year! And then promptly traded it with Chadin for some of his candy ;) 

Overall it was a great way to spend a couple of hours and it's always good for the kids to play with all of their cousins. Now we are home so I can lay back in bed and everyone else is taking naps. When they wake up we'll move outside and we'll let the kids get worn out on the trampoline. 

Happy Easter! 


Sarita @ it's my girls' world said...

Congrats!! Your pictures are so amazing!

Whitney said...

Congratulations!! And I'm loving the pictures of your sweet girl egg hunting...sooo good.

Andrea Nine said...

Very, very sweet! I miss Easter Egg Hunting! Our 3 are teenagers so not really into it anymore but I still do small baskets!!! Pretty Blog you have!!!' :-)


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