Bike Ridin

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Yesterday was a beautiful day and we were all needing some fresh air and vitamin D so we loaded up the bikes and the kiddos and had a lovely afternoon enjoying each other. It took longer setting up everything than we were even out for (and we were out for a couple hours) ((Don't even ask about it)) but it was completely worth it. It reset all of our attitudes to a much more positive state and the tension was definitely running high that morning- not to mention I'm pretty sure both the kids are a little sickish. Right at the beginning we ran into one of Brysons work friends and his son who is Lo's age so it was perfect when we got to the park on the other side of the trail Lo had someone to play with. 

It was a bit nippy when we started but it soon picked up and was the perfect heat out. I was really wishing the trail was longer! We made it to the end so fast. I also wish I would've taken a couple phone pics at the park but we were way to busy having fun! Foster LOVED the slide. Bryson or I would be at the bottom/top of the slide and lay him down and let him go and he just smiled the hole way down. I can't believe he is almost 7 months and Lo is almost 5! Ugh where does the time go?

OOTD: Camo

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Today I looked out the window and saw a gorgeous day I dressed in a tank top and jeans, walked outside and turned right back around. It was freezing! Back inside for some booties, a hat, scarf and cardigan. I hate the cold but I'm super glad it was! I probably wouldn't have thrown this together otherwise and I have a feeling I am going to be wearing this a lot more often. Please tell me I am not the only one that gets stuck on a comfy/cute outfit for a while? 

I have been posting a lot of fashion lately but I promise I have super delicious recipes in the folder too! They just take a lot more time and time is something I do not have a lot of these days. It was amazing today to be able to go to a Pilates class and just enjoy being there and not feel rushed to my next class. This week has been madness! 

Sorry that most of the items I am posting today are similars and not the actual item (some not all) I have been slowly redoing my closet since losing all the weight and it is taking a lot longer than I expected! No matter, I love pulling out old things and pairing them together in new ways or with a couple of new things to wear they seem new :) 

Make-up and hair tutorials to come soon also! Sorry ladies, they just take a lot of time and effort and when I get in bed at night I am way to beat to put together a decent post. But thank you all so much for being so supportive and patient, I promise it'll be soon! 

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Daily Morning Detox

Monday, February 17, 2014

Just a quick post from the mobile device. I love juicing! After I had Foster I invested in a juicer so I could do a five day juice cleanse which was completely amazing and so cleansing (excuse the corniness) 

Today I wanted to share my favorite daily detox with you. You do need a juicer. I picked mine up at walmart after about a week of review reading. It was $60 and had better reviews than those compared to it that were hundreds of dollars. I can't remember the name but it's plastered all over the box with a sticker that says rated #1 gift or something like that. 

I use lemon, carrots, apples, parsley, kale, and celery!


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Giveaway Time! {It may be money again} {{It is}}

Sunday, February 16, 2014

I have been racking my brain all month trying to find the perfect giveaway for February and it just was NOT coming to me at all! I couldn't think of one thing for a giveaway and have yet to hear back from some sponsors or have some planned for the future, but not February. 

I was scrolling through my old giveaways to read comments and try to see if anyone had hinted at what they would like to see or get or if they had a favorite. Let's be real here, the $100 giveaway was BY FAR the most popular one. I think the beauty of it is you get what you want no matter what you like. 

SO back by popular demand, the $100 giveaway! This time there will be more ways to enter so rack up those entries! 

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OOTD: Optical Illusion

This morning we had church and I think I am wishing for spring because I grabbed the dress that I picked up from Express last month that I had intended to save for a bright Sunday morning. Paired with a coat and floppy hat and it was perfect for the dreary day. 

Sorry there is like a million and five pictures I am still getting used to "fashion blogging" and am not quite sure what poses to do with what and what details to include together. Or if you think lots of pictures are good let me know that too! Haha I realllllyyyy do not know what to include when. 

Any advice would be super duper welcomed! 

OOTD: Slouchyness

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Had an amazing time yesterday spending the day with my two handsome men. Went shopping, ate amazing food and went on a gorgeous walk. For a day trip I typically dress comfy-er so when we're walking around and I have to get Foster or just doing life then it's easier. I am also in a way better mood if I am comfortable. 

Healthiest VEGAN Spaghetti Ever {Pasta Zero Review}

Friday, February 14, 2014

I was planning on having just snacky foods for dinner, like we normally do when Bryson is at work but then I got these noodles. You guys, they are a game changer. The bomb diggity noodles are only 15 calories like 0 everything else but fiber and taste BETTER than normal spaghetti noodles. 

Cake Pop Basics {Never Trust a Cake Pop}

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I finally did it! I made a cake pop that didn't look like a blob of grossness. Speaking of grossness let me just go over the cake pop making process. 

I'm sure in a professional cake pop making setting cleanliness would be number one but when I'm home with two kids by myself it's a miracle if we're all showered. So washing our hands as we touch things is more of a guideline rather than a set in stone rule. #NeverTrustACakepop

Step one: Crumble that cake. Cake loves to be crumbled. 

It can be any kind: gluten free, vegan, chocolate, vanilla, homemade, store bought. 

Whateva floats ya boat. 

Six Month Favorites

Friday, February 7, 2014

6 Months has come and gone and there are some definite things that have helped with that. Really babies do not need that much but there are some things that make it easier. 
Baby Bullet:  If you're going to make your own baby food this is a must. It makes the perfect baby food puree texture. Our favorite thing to make in it so far is sweet potatoes! Our little man loves him some sweet potatoes, just like his mamma.

Fresh Squeeze Station:  I personally love the pouches more than the little containers. Then you don't even need a spoon, just squirt it in their mouth! Win-win! This is super easy to clean and really easy to use too.

Baby Jogger:  I only have a double stroller and the single stroller I used with Lo but I would love to have a jogging strolling. The stroller I have now is great for just going around town but if I want to go on any nature trails there is no jogging. I either get stuck in the dirt with the double stroller or have the baby in the moby wrap and Lo walks.

Fresh Food Feeder: These are awesome sauce for teething babies. Put some frozen fruit in and wala! Baby's teeth feel a gazillion times better and they get some nutrients. It's also good for when they first start eating because you don't have to worry about them choking. Warning- super messy but adorable.

Jumper: Foster LOVES his jumper. He's been standing since the first week he was born. He wouldn't have fit in when we first put him in it if his sister hadn't stretched it out when she used it. This is definitely one of our favorites.

Shopping Cart Cover: Shopping carts and high chairs are pretty much the grossest things ever. There are some amazing homemade carseat covers just like this one from Three Littles Miracles, she has a ton more adorable ones too. I love that there is a pillow in it because I can't tell you how many times I laid Lo down while grocery shopping. You could always pick one up at Target as well :)

Let me know what has been most helpful for you and your babies! 

I Watched The Biggest Loser Season Finale

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Is there anyone else out there that is as obsessed with the Biggest Loser as I am? I wait for it all year and as soon as the episode is out on Hulu I am sitting down ready to feel motivated- Ok, normally there is some dark chocolate covered pretzels involved but afterwards I'll feel motivated! 

The Mother of All "Green" Smoothies

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I am not typically a smoothie drinker. I like my food whole but it is nice to get a ton of nutrients packed into one little drink. Since this "green" smoothie is actually purple you can totally trick your kids who don't like veggies. Is it lying if it's for their benefit? Nah. This is one of my favorite smoothies but really you can throw whatever you want into it and it will come out awesome 90% of the time.

One Point Mom

Monday, February 3, 2014

*Caution cutest baby butt ever to follow*

If you read this post then you know the score is Foster: 5 Parents: 0 Well guess who scored a touchdown for team parent? This mom, that's who. 

As you can see my cage by your side sleeper I was using for Foster in the bathroom was no longer a good idea. He was learning to escape. 

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