19 Week Bumpdate

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

There really is not a whole lot to update on these past couple of weeks. I finally popped, I'm gaining weight like a mad women and am pretty exhausted all the time but puking has basically stopped. I have been eating mainly carbs (60%-70%+) just because they make me not feel as sick. But now that I am starting to feel better Bryson and I have decided to cut out sugar and try and be a whole lot healthier this half of the pregnancy. I think that will really help with, not only the weight gain, but the tiredness as well. I have also been noticing my groin injury from my first pregnancy is starting to flare up again which gives me some motivation to get back into the gym. 

School started back up this week so I am getting the handle of all online classes (I have never taken online classes and this was my last opportunity to do so) and I have a wedding expo on Saturday so I have been in full swing getting everything ready for that. It is SO much work! I didn't realize all that went into it and I'm still not sure if I am 100% prepared but I am at least 85% good :) 

We also have an ultrasound scheduled with the perinatalist on Monday, not really sure what to expect from that appointment and then another appt with my regular dr a couple of days after that.

Total weight gain: 5-6 lbs
Gender: Don't know and we won't know! 
Name: River Jayce (what we're leaning towards for a boy or girl) 

Maternity Clothes: Not yet :) Not even using a rubber band trick or anything which has been super convenient. 
Stretch marks? No new ones.
Sleep: I have been waking up a lot but I have also been having an easier time getting up in the morning. So I must be sleeping better even though I am getting up 5-7 times to use the restroom. That's what happens when you drink a whole gallon of water every night. 
Movement: Movement has slowed down a little bit, our little beans heart rate also went down around 20 bpm so I'm guessing s/he's just a growin in there!
Best moment this week: We had a lot of fun in Denver this past week! We also hung out with family quite a bit so that was fun also.   
Miss Anything: Motivation. I'm guessing if I start eating better and working out that I will feel more energetic throughout the day.  
Belly button in or out? Its a half-y right now. 
Food cravings: No, I get a craving for something sweet/salty every once in awhile but nothing specific. 
Anything making you queasy or sick:  If I don't eat every couple of hours I start to feel sick.
Labor Signs: Nope

Symptoms: Pretty tired at night and some "morning" sickness at night still
Wedding ring on or off? On and big.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty happy
Looking forward to: By birthday day and our ultrasound and the wedding expo. This is a very busy week filled with very exciting things! 


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