Hi! I'm Aspen! I'm a busy mom of two, wife to the most handsome fireman, wedding photographer and busy pre-med student! Life is never boring at our house, we love anything outdoors and spending time together as a family. 

My husband is the best man I have ever known, he works extremely hard for our family and is always willing to go the extra mile for anyone he meets. His Type B personality meshes perfectly with my high strung Type A one. We have shared interests of art, health, outdoors and there are two things that bring us closer than anything...

....Our two gorgeous kids! He adopted my daughter as his own when she was one and shortly after we were married we found out we were expecting another little blessing! Only to be surprised that we were expecting a boy! We both have a ton of girls in our family and we were both pleasantly surprised. 

Our daughter, Lo (Logan), is five going on six years old and is in her second semester of kindergarten! She loves gymnastics and we are currently contemplating starting her on the gymnastics team. She loves being with all the big kids and she would go every day if she could. She is also an amazing big sister! She has so much spunk and personality and our days are filled with her stories from school of who got into trouble and who was kind. She makes our days brighter when we pick her up from school.

Little dude's name is Foster Brady! He is almost two and is every inch of naughty that his sister isn't. He loves climbing on things, snacking and playing outside with his puppies. He is the exact opposite from his sister in every way except his sweet heart. He will always come kiss you if you're sad and loves to cuddle. He's also going to be an amazing big brother, because.....

 We are expecting baby number THREE in late May/early June! Little River came as quite a shock to us but we are so excited and can't wait to meet him/her. River will be our last baby that I have (we have never been opposed to the idea of adoption) but with the substantial amount of complications we have both had throughout the pregnancy we decided for my safety, as well as another babies, that it is the best decision to have our family end with this little blessing. 

Thank you for stopping by and getting to know our little family! I can't wait to get to know each and every one of you! 


Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

Hey there! Found your blog last night (and instagram -stalker alert!) Excited to follow along, have to say your post baby body is pretty inspirational! <3

Aspen Ballard said...

Thanks so much :) so excited to follow you as well! What is your instagram so I can follow?

Emily said...

Just found your blog (through Willow Way) and love it!! What a beautiful family you have :) and I'm excited to catch up on some of your recent posts!!

xx Em

Makeover With Aspen said...

Thank you so much Emily!

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