OOTD: Wedding Bells

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I love weddings. No joke, I could go to a wedding every single weekend and be perfectly happy. I love getting dressed up, the dancing, the food, but, most of all, I love the love! It's always so amazing to see two people, two strangers really, joining together and committing to each other through the thick and thin, the good and bad....you get the picture, that they  will always be there. My husband is my best friend and I love him more today then I did three years ago when we got engaged. Weddings are a good reminder of the promises we made to each other. I just love them. 

{L's Dress-  Dillards last year}

No look of mine is complete without my 2-3 week old nails 

{FAO Onsie}  {Shoes- gift} 

No ensemble is complete without a gorgeous GREAT aunt holding you :) 

Handy dandy sister to take some quick pictures via iphone...I really need to start bringing my camera places so I can just stop with the crap pictures 

It's not an impromptu photo shoot without a duck face picture 

The gorgeous bride and her groom. So happy for my aunt and her new hubby! Two weddings down...one to go! 

Cocktail hour selfies with the sister 

{Blingage via the clearance shelf at Target last year} 

My pointed ballet flats that hook around my ankle (tan front, black back) can be found at TJ Maxx and I'm not sure where my sister got her black pointe flats but I shall ask! 

I love my grandparents so much and I haven't seen them dance together in so long. That and seeing my Papa dance with Logs were two of my very favorite things that night. You can see that video here but I couldn't steal it from my sister because of her settings.

We don't have another wedding coming up until December (the last of my three aunts will be hitched) but this was such a gorgeous wedding and I wish Bryson could've gone, he's my very favorite person to dance with (if I can call the seizures I do dancing) but, like always, he had to work. Sorry that I couldn't be more helpful with my outfits but most of my clothing pieces are old :/


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