Foster's 1st Birthday

Monday, July 28, 2014

Well, he's one! This year has flown by, I actually feel like every year goes by faster and faster. Like his sister, he is very advanced for his age. He's walking (running), can say a lot of words, he's getting out of his crib and jumping over the couch. He's also getting quite the little attitude! His birthday party was a blast! We were so thankful for everyone that was able to come and celebrate our little man. 

He had a monster themed party and we just kept it simple. I always go all out on birthday parties and get crazy stressed and turn into a monster myself. This party was so fun! We swam and just hung out, Foster loved swimming! He didn't want out of the pool! He was not interested in presents...or cake really for that matter. He just wanted to swim and play with his plastic fork ;) It was SO hot out that a pool party was the perfect way to spend the day. His cake pops and cake started melting immediately but we didn't mind! 

This past year with him has been amazing. I love his personality, and the way he tackles his sister when she comes home. I love how he tries to make a break for the door every time it's open because he wants to see the puppies. I'm sooooo excited for this next year watching him grow! 

What I {Wore} Wednesday

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

So many of you know that I am from New Mexico and this summer has been extremely hot, so there is nothing more I love than a crazy cute tank top that also happens to be from a brand new company created by a girl that I grew up with and her boyfriend. I am absolutely obsessed with their company! Not to mention it fits my hubby's style to a t.

11 month PP Update

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Well, I wasn't wanting to do this until I was happy with how I look but this is me! I told myself I'd be looking fan-freaking-tastic by the time foster was one and at 6 months I was telling myself I had time but now, with only a couple of weeks left, I'm realizing that I obviously wasn't focusing on how I looked enough to  reach my "goal" and I'm totally ok with that. I have been roasting s'mores over the campfire and making pancakes in the morning when Lo asks. We are totally just loving summer. 

Kids & Chores

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Growing up I always had chores. We didn't sleep in, were expected to play sports and to take home the best grades to our ability. We weren't overloaded with chores but I definitely had more chores than all of my friends...probably more than my friends combined. 

With that being said, I am definitely not complaining now...even though I'm sure back then I had a few choice words to say. Well, that's not entirely true. I'm sure there was a sigh here and a complaint there but for the most part we just did them, it was just our way of life. I remember going to friends houses and their parents would ask them to clean their rooms and they would go off the freaking wall. #Awkward #That'sANiceLamp 

Teaching your kids chores is so important. It teaches perseverance, self motivation, patience and just what living in a household and holding a job means. Lo has always been great about certain chores...actually, pretty much all chores. She is OCD and keeps her room clean, as soon as she turned three she started putting away her own clothes/dusting where she can reach and this year she helps fold clothes, sets the table and today she started vacuuming! 


Sunday, July 6, 2014

This year was Fosters FIRST fourth of July and we had so much fun! Our town does fireworks on the third because there is a big farm that does them on the fourth so on the third we went to my cousins house and had an awesome time hanging out with cousins, eating, playing with sparklers and watching fireworks. Foster is absolutely in love with the fireworks and Lo had a blast with the sparklers (until she caught one in between her fingers, but we don't need to relive that ordeal).

Bryson recently was hired as a bartender for a second job and he was able to take the day shift so he was able to be apart of all the fun, family festivities. I am absolutely in love with these people and we had such am amazing time.

I hope everyone had a fun and event-filled holiday weekend and don't forget to thank a man or women in service for giving us the opportunity to be able to celebrate our freedom!

Back To Normal

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My sweet girl is finally home! These past 5 weeks have dragged. I remember when she was two and I only had to share her for two weeks and it felt like an eternity. 

Last night we stayed up late and waited for dad to get home and she had a million and one stories to tell us about her trip with her dad. Foster missed her more that words can say, he was sleeping when I picked her up and she was whispering to me and immediately those little eyes popped open and he yelled, "SISSY!!!" 

I get in a very down mood whenever Lo goes away for so long and Foster has been sooooo naughty so it really didn't help anything that anytime we were alone together he was screaming at the top of his lungs (whether I was holding him or not). I thought when Lo got back that he would quit that...I was wrong. He is still being very fussy but hopefully in a couple of days everything really is 

back to normal.

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