River's Nursery Reveal!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Oh my goodness we are getting stuff done this week! Ok, kind of. It's not like we had a ton to do with the nursery. We used a lot of Foster's old things and just remade them for little River. If you want to see what the nursery was like before click here. So you can see we did repaint the crib and dresser. The room was just too dark and we wanted to add some pops of color. We added prints all over the room (a new obsession of mine) and just revamped some of the old pieces. Nothing too fancy and I wouldn't say it is 100% done yet but we are officially ready-ish for a baby! I say ready-ish because I definitely underestimated how many of Foster's clothes were just unusable from spit up. They were just bad. We only have around 10 outfits from 0-6months but after 6 months we are set! That just means I get to shop at some of the mama shops on instagram that I have been eyeing ;)

Here is River's new nursery! I will link what I can but a majority of it is DIY (sorry!)  

OBSESSED with the prints in his room. There are a couple more throughout the room too. 

Mobile is DIY 

This is where I am not quite sure if I am finished. I don't love the baskets that are in there so I may swap them with a different color (the black ones at least) and the shelves need something more but I am not sure what yet. 

Didn't my honey do an amazing job painting the dresser?! I'm glad he made the mistake with the paint because the green drawers turned out way more fun that it being all teal and it made the perfect place for the height chart. 

Pillows are DIY 

Side table was on clearance at Target

Tassel Garland is DIY

Valence is DIY 

Height chart was a gift from my mom :) 

Yay for getting the nursery done! & sorry to my honey for the hormones that I couldn't control today. and he still helped me get the nursery all set up and he may have picked on me a little bit but he still helped! That's a real man right there ;) 


Anonymous said...

Hey you guys the nursery is adorable!!! I'm glad it is ready I was beginning to stress! Now we just need that little stinker to get here!! I love you, Mema

Whitney said...

The nursery is super cute!! Now it just needs a sweet baby to occupy it! :) And when you say the comforter/pillows/valence are DIY do you mean YOU did them? They are so cute! You are so talented if so!

Hannah said...

His room is so cute! I love the theme you have chosen for him! I'm sure you'll spend lots of sweet hours in there over the next few months!

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