National Coffee Day

Monday, September 30, 2013

I missed national coffee day! Well, not completely. I still indulged in my daily kick start but had no time to blog about it between Logan's birthday party, family coming into town and just being thouroughly exhausted. I start every. single. day with at least a homemade cup of coffee and every once in awhile I'll splurge on my favorite Skinny Hazelnut Latte and of course it's always in my favorite size, venti. Is there even another size that is logical when you know you're going to TJMAXX where the carts are too small for your babies car seat so you have to put things in the cart just so it'll fit? Really, TJMAXX, get your crap together.

I'm not ashamed to admit there are days I bribe Lo with a "cup'o'jo" aka her not so hot hot cocoa. I'm not sure what Starbucks does to make their drinks so delicious but if I could physically live on their drinks I totally would. Ok, so there's the issue of $4.55 a cup but let's be honest here, this is all hypothetical. 

So here's to you, you caffeinated dark beauty. To all the days you've started and the cookies you've accompanied. To all the days of work and children you've helped us get through. The endless nights of studying and the butt crack of dawn classes. We owe it all to you. 

Real talk ladies. If you've worked at a Starbucks or even know a delicious Skinny Vanilla Latte recipe and you disclose this info to me my poor wallet will thank you! 


Tyne Baade said...

This may be sad but this is one of my favorite posts..... I agree with every statement in here whole heartedly. I love Coffee. Here is to you for sho

Aspen Ballard said...

Is it sad that it's also one of my favorites? haha no joke I was in bed and just put it together on my phone and I think I love it because it's exactly how I feel. Coffee is almost amazing as you!

Tyne Baade said...

so I tried hitting reply and it doesn't work so I am commenting again... and this comment made my day. P.s. I just love your blog and I am proud to tell other's about it and everything you do :-)
Love ya

Aspen Ballard said...

Awe thank Tyne! We still need to do something soon since lunch didn't work out today!

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