37 Weeks and FULL TERM!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Full term for me means 20+ braxton hicks a day and impatience. Now that little Foster is considered full term and is just getting chunky I am ready for my boy to be here! Throughout this pregnancy I haven't been too uncomfortable and have been enjoying pregnancy as much as I can but these past four days I have been so sick and uncomfortable that I am ready for it to be over! The other day he was moving so much that I wasn't sure if he was even head down anymore! (He is) I wanted to wait until today to do my update because I got checked to see if I was dilated today anddddd *drum roll please* I AM! Not anything super exciting but I am a little over 1 centimeter dilated and he can feel his head! WOOT WOOT! He's pretty positive I'll at least make it to next week though, but still, a girl can hope. I wanted him to strip my membranes but I'm measuring small so he wants me to last longer. Now onto my update!

This is my actual 37 week picture 

This is today, 37wk +2 days with 19 days to go! 

How far along? 37 Weeks
Baby is the size of: A watermelon
Total weight gain: -4 lbs 
Gender: It’s a boy!
Name: Foster Brady Ballard
Maternity Clothes: Lots and lots of dresses. It's to hot here for much else
Stretch marks? Just the ones from Logan, unfortunately they look just like with Logan too. It took me three years for them to be almost unnoticeable
Sleep: I'm officially OFF all sleep medicine! I told myself I wouldn't buy anymore because I won't be taking them when Foster is born being as how I'll be up so much anyways. (Even with sleep medication I wake up at least 4-5 times, off of it I wake up about that much but it takes me 30 minutes-2 hours to get back to sleep) I did save my last one just in case I have to be induced so I get a good nights sleep before. 
Movement: SOOOO much. He was head down then was moving so much I wasn't even sure if he was anymore but my Dr. confirmed he was in fact head down and could feel him! 
Best moment this week: Finding out I was over a cm dilated and that his head is far enough down to feel him. Seriously, so exciting. Also my mom, mema and I worked all day on stuff for the nursery. We officially have a valance, bed spread, pillows for my chair and a mobile! 
Miss Anything: Energy, being able to eat foods I like (can you say sushi), being comfortable (I'm never comfortable anymore) I am just ready to be feeling normal again. 
Belly button in or out? It's just out. 
Food cravings: EVERYTHING. I am so hungry all the time but I'm way to lazy to cook. Or I get hungry so quick that there isn't time to cook. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Life.
Labor Signs: So so so so so many braxton hicks. I keep thinking they'll get consistent, but alas, they do not. 
Symptoms: Aches and pains in my back, hips, ribs, everywhere.
Wedding ring on or off? Still on. I guess that's one of the many good things about not gaining weight.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Being uncomfortable has made me a little irritable. I think that because I am having so many braxton hicks I'm getting impatient. I really did think that the other night they would start getting consistent
Looking forward to: The big day. Whether that is tomorrow or in three weeks. I'm just exciting to meet my little man. 

Logan has been doing swim lessons pretty much every day with me and has been doing amazing! She just gets so tired. Every day she gets better and better and more comfortable with the water. I'm pretty confident that in a couple weeks she'll be swimming! 

This 4th of July Logan was at her dads and Bryson was working so Alex invited me to go with her to her grandparents to watch the fireworks that her grandpa does and they were amazing! We were just a couple hundred yards away from them! Video Here

Here's a preview of the nursery decorations! My mom and mema were awesome in getting it done and had super cute ideas that there is no way I could've came up with. It took all day but looks so cute! As soon as I have my glider in and up I'll post some pictures. 


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