36 Week Bumpdate

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Wow! We are at 36 weeks! How crazy is that?! time is flying by now and this week has been absolutely insane. I finished school, helped/hosted some baby showers, went on walks, worked a ton, got larger and by the end of the week baby River dropped! and he dropped hard. All of these pictures except one are from early in the week and you can see the difference. It's a crazy feeling when baby drops, your tummy gets smaller (again, not these pics, I'm huge!) and you start walking like you're holding a ball in between your legs. I had my Dr's appt on Tuesday, everything looked great, I gained 8....yes, 8 lbs and am measuring 4 weeks small...he dropped that much! My Dr. is shocked that I made it this far (which he says every week) and doesn't think I'll make it to next week. He wanted to check me at the appt but I opted out. I'm sure I'll get checked at my next check when he does the Group B Strep test as well. These past two days I have had crazy strong contractions, they make me stop in my tracks and I have to consciously breathe through them. They never get consistent though. I'm hoping I make it to 37 weeks! That would be such a huge milestone and was my next one after 34 weeks. If I do manage to go full term the Dr decided to induce me the week of the 3rd. He said he could do it at 39 weeks rather than 40 but I'd like to give River that extra week to cook if I can :) My bp has been great and the protein and seizures have been controlled so I don't see a reason why I wouldn't make it!  

My belly looks so high at the beginning of this week! 

How Far Along: 36 Weeks!

Name: River Jayce (Bryson and I have been discussing another middle name for two middle names and it's starting to grow on me, but I want to wait to see if it fits him) 

Size: River is the size of a honeydew melon! He's anywhere from 17.2-18.7 inches and 4.2-5.8 lbs! My sweet little dude is almost done cooking!

Gender: Our little dude, River Jayce! 

Total weight gain: 38 lbs. It just keeps coming and coming. I am eating healthy, going on walks....not sure what else I can do! Four more weeks, I'll lose it afterwards. Trying to not let it define me and keep a positive outlook on it but it's definitely not always easy. 

Maternity Clothes: Mainly wearing comfy clothes. I am wearing a lot of soft shirts and maternity jeans or leggings.

Stretch marks? Not too sure. I'm sure I've gotten more this time around and I have been soooo itchy, but I am not concentrating on them.

Sleep: Last night I slept amazing. Which is really uncommon. I just told Bryson yesterday I need to pick up some unisom because I have been sleeping so poorly. If I don't roll over every hour or so I wake up in so much pain and unable to move at all so I try to roll over a lot.   

Movement: Soooo much movement. It is absolutely insane. My stomach was just rolling last night. I could feel him in my whole stomach and back. I think he's just running out of room in there! 

Best moment this week: Had an awesome week of baby showers, birthday parties and hanging out with the family. I hung out with just Lo a lot this week because she went with me everywhere.

Hubby is: In full painting mode. Ever since I started having more painful contractions he is bound and determined to finish painting the dresser. If he keeps it up it will be done by tomorrow! He has a baseball game tonight the Foster and I are going to go to. He joined a summer league and while he's not great he's really loving it.  

Miss Anything: I am ready to feel good again! I remember my last pregnancy when all I missed was certain foods. This pregnancy I just want to feel good! Not getting a break from morning sickness has really been sucky. 

Belly button in or out? Out. I have the weirdest belly button.

Food cravings: Not too many cravings. I did pick up some trail mix yesterday. It's so strange. I never liked trail mix and then I snacked on it when I was in labor with Foster and that is pretty much all I ate for a couple of days and every now and again I buy a big bag of it.  

Anything making you queasy or sick: Just pretty nauseous most of the time. Ready to not feel on the verge of puking. I threw up in my Dr's office on Tuesday..... 

Labor Signs: So many contractions and they are a lot stronger now than they were. He is also much lower now than he was even at the beginning of the week. 

Wedding ring on or off? On 

Happy or Moody most of the time: Kind of cranky these past couple of days. I really haven't felt good and Bryson and I have been butting heads. I think we are both ready for the end. 

Looking forward to: Hopefully finishing up the nursery this week. I plan on packing our bags today and ordering prints for the nursery. I washed all of our baby clothes but am waiting to organize them until I have drawers to put them into. The nursery is still a total wreck. I am ready to nest! This week we also put down bets of when we think River will be here. My dad and Bryson already lost because they said yesterday. For the most part we all put May except my cousin, Chadin. He put a date the first week in June. 

We spent time with Claira this week. She spit out her paci when she was sleeping and Foster kept trying to shove it back in. She as not having it. 

The kids and I made a couple of Target trips this week to get stuff for the baby showers and birthday parties and to pick up some things for the baby. The two kids are so spoiled. They both are obsessed with vanilla steamers and always want one in Target. They normally get a cake pop too but they were all out! 

Lots and lots of playing outside. It has rained these past couple of days but that hasn't stopped the kids from being outdoors! This trampoline was the best investment, they both love it!

I made lemon lime sugar scrubs as a favor for the baby shower I hosted this past weekend. They turned out great! 

We've gone on a couple of morning walks and, of course, the days I want the kids to get up early they are not having it and want to sleep in.

My aunt Canyon had her shower this weekend! We are three weeks apart (I'm 36 and she's 33) She doesn't know what she is having so it was fun playing some guessing games. While we were taking this picture River kicked Baby Smith...River is a little brat already. 

I also hosted my friend Rachel's shower this weekend at her house. She is four weeks behind me and is having a little girl! So many sweet babies! 
I think you can really tell in this picture (on Sunday) how much my stomach dropped. It is hard to reach the bottom of it now!

Lot's of comfy dresses and hair up days lately.

And little dude is the biggest mamas boy! I have been working and doing school work and he is always leaning on me. He refuses to say River and only touches my tummy to rub lotion on it or to head butt it. I don't think he's too excited for his new little brother. 

Every monday we have been getting out house cleaned. We use that time to go to breakfast and on a walk. We tried a new place out in town and it was ok, Bryson really liked it. 

This week was muffins for mom at Lo's school so we got to go on a little date! We got there early (aka right on time) and were able to hang out just the two of us for awhile. She has been full of stories and so stinking sweet this week (with lots of sass mixed in). Yesterday she told me three boys said they were going to marry her and she said, "No, no no!"


Logan Cantrell said...

Looking great, Mama!! You're almost there!

Allison Cooley said...

I feel you on the morning sickness. I had it right up until I had my daughter! I had a c-section and the drink they make you drink to "settle" your stomach before surgery I couldn't even keep down. People always looked at me weird when I said I had morning sickness because it should have passed after the first trimester! You look great though- hopefully you make it to 40 weeks:)

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