Sunday, April 19, 2015

Both of my kids have a mutual love of hats, sunnies and pictures of themselves. They will pull out all of sister's hats (not Foster's for some reason) and will try them on for hours. when I tell them it's time to go and to get shoes on they always grab sunglasses and a hat and I end up having to go grab their shoes for them because obviously there were more important things to worry about. 

I was planning on just taking a picture or two but then they would pose and run to the camera, Foster yelling, "See!" the  whole time and then giggling with how cute they looked. These two always keep me entertained when they are home, even if they do destroy the house in 5 minutes and I much prefer them trying on hats than Foster chasing around Lo with his sword trying to hit her and growling/yelling at her. 

Little River does not even know the amount of crazy that he is being born into. We have been trying to encourage loud play outside and quiet play inside but there is no way that is happening. They just like to yell. Hopefully, River is a sound sleeper and won't mind the noise! 

Our sweet puppy. When Lo found out we were having a boy (Foster) she cried and ran out to my Mema that had always joked that maybe I was having a puppy instead of a baby and said, "And it's not even a puppy!" because puppy over brother, obviously. Little did she know she actually was getting a puppy brother! Any time you put his little bow tie on he acts like it's a collar and immediately goes into puppy mode...who am I joking. He lives in puppy mode. 

I had the weirdest craving for Sonic ice last week! So after dropping Lo off at gymnastics and while Foster and Bryson were at the gym I ran to Sonic and got a large water with extra ice. Pregnancy is so weird....also, Sonic's water kind of tastes like french fries....I don't know. 


Anonymous said...

Too cute, cute!!!! Beautiful kids! Love, Mema

Sarita @ it's my girls' world said...

So very cute! We are hat and accessory people in this house too!

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