We're Pregnant!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

So I don't know about you all but it seems like the new thing to do when pregnant is to do some super cute announcement. It seems like the most popular one this year is the chalkboard announcements. As cute as they are I have horrible handwriting. Did I let that get in my way? Of course not :)
 Logan's cuteness makes up for my horrible handwriting
 She was so so so excited about her new brother or sister! 
I had my heart set on doing the cute chalkboard week-by-week updates but being the cheepo that I am decides to get the cheapest chalk I can also haha
Obviously I am exhausted I decided to take a pregnancy test because I thought I had the flu and it was lasting longer than I thought it should and we had been trying.

We decided to tell the family by doing a small dinner at our house it was perfect since it was December we told them it was a "Christmas Dinner"
 Our living room barely fit the family! 
 Isn't he so cute?
 Logan and her papa

 Logan helping her daddy clean
 The sparkling cider should've been the first hint

 So attractive it hurts
 We had french dips and sweet potato fries! Yummy!

 Picture time! This was after we told the family. We didn't have any pictures but we took a video. My whole family claims that they had known since Thanksgiving and Brysons family had no idea. Everyone was so happy and I couldn't be more thankful for my family.
 Had to have the new puppy in the pictures! 

 She's so preshy! 

She loves kissy face 


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