Our Little Porch

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Here is the beginning of my hubby's and dads latest project They started the roof on the back porch! I am so excited! I've been procrastinating buying out door furniture since we moved in two years prior because birds had made nests in the rafters and well, you can imagine the mess. But out of nowhere they got the supplies and got to work! This is what the roof looked like before. The rafter's were uneven and birds had basically taken over. I didn't see any reason to move them before we had too.

 Super gross, right?

 Isn't my husband so handsome?

 Since the rafters were uneven the slats didn't slide in easily. They took the little leftover pieces and hammered them in.
 Almost the end of day one and we're halfway there! Big thanks to Johnny for stopping by and helping out! 

 Day two flew by and they had it done and stained in a couple of hours! It looks amazing and a million times better. A huge thanks to everyone that helped. I can't wait to find furniture and spend the rest of summer out here! 
We were so excited I made shishkabobs and Bryson started a fire in our fire pit and we had a nice little family dinner outside. There's a little girl that lives next door that's around Logan's age and they like to talk over the fence. Around 8 or so our sprinklers turned on and Logan had just finished dinner. Her friend peeked over and Logan asked if she could go talk to her, we told her to do so at her own risk. She made it all the way across the yard without getting hit by one sprinkler! The only dilemma was that once she made it to the other side she was trapped. Sprinklers started hitting her one by one and no matter where she ran the kept getting wet! Bryson and I were absolutely no help at this point because we were both doubled over laughing. By the time she made it back she was pretty drenched. She got a shower and changed and we finished out perfect night outside :) 


Rodney Orton @ MCKinnisRoofing said...

That roof definitely needed some makeover! Glad to hear that your husband didn’t hesitate to replace it, even if it demanded a lot of work. Anyway, I’d like to commend their roofing skills; they work like professional roofers. Working together, the three of them, made the roofing project look easy.

Aspen Ballard said...

Thank you! It turned out amazing! I'm so thankful I have such an amazing family and group of friends to help out with things like this!

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