A Trip to the Fire Station!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Today we got to do something so special. Bryson offered to host a preschool class at the fire station today and we got to go help him! Logan had so much fun and I had so much fun watching them! Logan always brags about her daddy being a "fighter fighter" and today she got to be his volunteer!
Even though the kids watched Bryson get dressed in his gear it was still kind of scary for them, Logan showed them that there was nothing to be scared of and it was just her daddy.

She also showed all the kids that if a fire fighter comes in your house he may put a mask on you and it's to help you and it's safe! 

They all started to have fun and play games! They did a race where they had to 'stay low under the smoke' and then they all got stickers for being such awesome listeners! 

Oh no! The fire truck has to go on a call! 

That's ok we'll look at the ambulance until they get back! 

Everybody loves Fire Fighter Bryson!  

But I have to say I don't think anyone loves Fire Fighter Bryson as much as me

Right after we had to hurry and go to dance class! She did AMAZING! She did the dance they had been practicing perfectly. I'm so proud of her and my hubby!  


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