Hello New Followers!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Recently I've had a huge increase in traffic to my blog from Instagram, Pinterest + TheBump. Which is amazing! It's so humbling that so many people are even interested in the randomness that I post :) firstly I'd like to say 

I have had an overwhelming amount of emails about fitness during pregnancy and weightloss afterwards, requests for videos on different hairstyles and makeup  and lots more. I've been loving each and every one but I've noticed I'm getting a lot of the same questions. So what I'm asking is that if you have a question about Weightloss you head over to my postpartum updates, if recipes you look under healthy recipes, ect. and if you don't see the answers feel free to comment on whatever page you're on and I'll answer faster than emails :) Also if someone has the same question then it is already answered. 

I've had a couple questions about different ways to follow. There are a couple different ways. The first and main way is to follow with Bloglovin. If you look to the right and click the follow with Bloglovin button and it'll bring you over and then all you can have all the blogs you follow in one place. If you'd rather have all new posts sent to your email then put your email into the subscribe bar and it'll get sent there. :) there are more ways and if you have questions let me know. 

Can I follow your Instagram? 
Of course you can :) my username is aspenballard . I post updates on there as well so if you'd like to follow that then head over when you see an update feel free to do that also! It's a public profile so you shouldn't have any problem following 

Can I add you on Facebook? 
Unfortunately no. I've had to deny quite a few people and please please please don't take it personally. It's for my own personal privacy and safety. However! I do have a page that's under Makeover With Aspen that you can like and subscribe to. I need to update it because I'm a failure with it but I pinky promise I will! Eventually I'll do give always on it so it's a good one to follow! 

Again thank you all so so much and don't be shy! I love hearing from you all! 


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