3 Weeks PP!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

My little guy is 3 weeks! It's amazing that almost a month has gone by! Foster is so spoiled rotten and I'm starting to notice a little...but I just love holding him! I'm getting ok at feeding him and doing other things and we're starting to transition him into his own bed, ask me how that's going next week haha. So far my little squirm worm has been incredible I just wish he wouldn't look at us like we're dumb all the time! ;)

Age: 3 Weeks
Height: 21 inches 
Weight: 8 lbs 0 oz, a little loss this week 
Milestones: He is definitely rolling over. I thought it was a fluke thing last week but every time I set him on his tummy he rolls to his back. This makes tummy time a little difficult but we're figuring it out as we go! He has also been sleeping in his crib about 70%-80% of the night which is awesome for me. I'm catching up on the sleep I have been missing!  
Best Moment: I love bath time with him. He gets so relaxed and he just seems so peaceful. He loves the sound of running water whenever I'm in the shower too. I just set him in a little portable crib in there and he just plays or falls asleep. He has been awake so much more that it is so  much fun to try and play with him and get his attention but it is pretty hard to get things done around the house.
Worst Moment: Sometimes at night he knows he's hungry so he'll be screaming but he's also tired so he won't open his eyes or mouth to eat. Some nights it takes us 40+ minutes just to latch on. It can be a little frustrating. 
Health: He's growing great. He is really low on the percentile chart for height and weight which I am not used to because while he is 3%-10% his sister was always in the 90%-97% range. For him though, he is growing great. 
Eating: He LOVES to eat. I was shocked when he lost weight because he will eat and eat and eat. We're trying to space out eating just a little bit but it's not going to good haha
Extra comments: I have loved all the quality time I am getting while being home with him 24/7. One thing I did forget about babies is how dirty you get! Not him, ME! I am so gross all the time. I can shower 4 times a day (not that I do, it's hard to squeeze 1 in sometimes) but you get what I'm saying. I'm always covered in spit up, pee, poop, spit, snot....it's just yucky. But the kind of yucky you love. 

Here's an outtake from the pictures. He hates being sat down until he realized that I was right there, then suddenly it was ok. 

He still loves mommy snuggle time! 

And he discovered the fan this week! 

Mom! Do you see that?!

We all went to the fair this week! Foster slept through the whole thing! But Logan went on a ton of rides and, of course, just had to get her face painted like Spiderman! It was hours of fun for the whole family.

Huge bubbles! 

If your fair doesn't have a breast feeding station then you're missing out! It was awesome and so incredibly helpful. They had a private room with a changing station, couches, water, snacks a bathroom and I'm sure more that I don't even know about. I'm no shy person and have no problem breastfeeding in public but at the fair there is literally no place to sit and it's so loud so it was nice to have a relaxing place. Be sure to like them on FB under Mothers Best! 

Bryson went with Logan on the bigger rides and mazes and here it's all one way mirrors and you can see the kid on the front crashing into a mirror and Bryson laughing hysterically because those two kids kept face planting into the mirrors. Nice babe.

Lounging by the pool! We love the 100 degree weather! 

100 degree weather is a perfect time to snooze and air out your bum. 

I've been putting him in his own bed after he falls asleep at night and now he doesn't trust me. 

 Pre Pregnancy Weight: 158 lbs 
End of Pregnancy Weight: 156 lbs, -2 lbs 
Last Weigh In: 140.0, -1.6
Current Weight: 138.2, -1.8
Total Weight Loss: -19.8 lbs 
How are you feeling? A little tired. Bryson has worked 132 hours in 9 days so I've been home with Foster and Logan. I love him so much and he supports our family so I can stay home and go to school. He is getting more time off this week so I'll be able to get into the gym more. I also ordered Tone It Up so I'll be starting that diet/workout plan this week! Time to eliminate the junk! 

Because I started TIU I had to take my measurements! So here they are!

Calf: 13.5
Thigh: 20.5
Hips: 40
Waist: 35.5
Abs: 34.5
Torso: 36
Arms: 10.5
Neck: 12.5

How to take Measurements: 

I always have people tell me when they use my recipes or templates and this week I got a picture! Which I had never even thought about! So if you use a recipe or Template let me know with a picture! Tag my fb or instagram and one day I'll do a giveaway! 

Thanks Taylor! They look yummy!


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