My Hopes and Dreams

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Such a simple moment that holds so much significance to me. These two littles are my whole world. They're my reason for living. For breathing. For trying to do my best in everything I do. I want them to have the best future that they could ever dream of. To want but never need. They are inspirations for me to follow my dreams so when they graduate and don't know whether they should take the practical route or the route they always dreamed of I can tell them to follow what their heart is telling them. That they'll forever regret if if they don't. With a smile I can tell them confidently that whether or not I made my dreams come true that I tried and I am a better person for it and I never regretted the decision to try.  
I pray they find happiness and don't keep it bottled in. That they shine brighter than the sun and clothe in warmth everyone they encounter. I pray that they encounter hardships to build their character. To know that if they can get through this than they can get through anything. That they can make the best of any situation they are put in. I pray that they stand up for others that cannot stand up for themselves. That they will always be there for someone who needs a lift up off the ground or a hand to hold or a shoulder to lean on. I pray that they will be better than I ever can be, look to God when they don't have the answers and they forever know exactly how incredibly loved they are. 


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