What I {Ate} Wednesday

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Normally when I do a What I {Ate} Wednesday post I will just pull random pictures off my iPhone camera roll and compile a general list; but today I thought I would take you through a full day, start to finish, on what I eat. It's actually yesterday :)
As most of you know, I a STILL having morning sickness- yep, at 27 weeks. It's fan-tastic. So my carb intake is at least 60% of my diet. Unfortunately, this is showing up drastically on the scale. So I am trying to get my carbs through fruits, whole grains, etc. instead of breads. I am really trying to eat healthier or these next three months are going to be awful.
I will do my 27 week update after I finish replying to work emails. I have had my computer in the shop and have soooo many emails and voicemails to get to.
Anyyyywaaaayyyyssss, here was yesterdays meals and some simple recipes :)
I'm sure most of you are sick of seeing this breakfast but I really do love it and eat it a lot. They are Van's Whole Grain Waffles with some butter, syrup and chia seeds. Normally I would put half a banana on it but I knew I would be eating a lot more fruit through the day so decided to save it.
An hour or so after being awake I will have a small cup of iced coffee with some Sweet Cream Natural Creamers. Delicious and only three ingredients!

Foster needed a "toffee" too so he has some chocolate almond milk.

When lunch time rolls around I was definitely feeling hungry so I had my morning snack with my lunch because I had missed it.
My morning snack would have been a "green" juice but it worked with lunch too and helped me feel fuller. I was out of kale and parsley, which is why my green juice is so orange.
There is 1 green apple, 2-3 carrots, 2 celery stalks and 1 lemon. Delish. I missed the parsley especially but it was still really good.
For my filling part of lunch I had an acai bowl. All I do is blend 1 acai packet with 3/4 a banana and a splash of milk then top with granola, goji berries, the remaining banana, chia seeds and raw unsweetened coconut. Normally I would through more nuts and seeds on but the granola I used already had a ton, so I omitted those.

After picking Lo up from school she requested a smoothie and a juice. So her and Foster slurped down a carrot + green apple + celery juice while I made whipped smoothie ice-cream. For the three of us I used 2 bananas, 1 cup frozen blueberries and 1-1/2 cups frozen strawberries, lots of chia seeds and 1-1/2 cups of milk. Blend until frothy and thick.

What's the point of having a big ol' baby belly if you don't use it as a table for ice cream?! 

Dinner WAS going to be stuffed bell peppers but my Mema called and asked us to come over for dinner, so Frito pie it was! We'll have stuffed bell peppers tonight, because life is all about balance people :) 


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