Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Yesterday we started remodeling the big kids' room! We are almost done, all the essentials are up but the room still needs a little fun-ness and organization. Foster loved helping dad and dad loved the help ;) I can't wait to show you all the completed room in a couple of weeks! I am waiting for even a sneak peek until it is completely finished because I am SO excited! 

When Foster came into our lives Lo had a little stage of acting out and didn't know why. We had a talk with her that if she was needed more attention she just has to let us know and we'll do something special for her asap. She doesn't overuse it and has only told us she needed more attention maybe three times since Foster was born.

Two nights ago she was super emotional and grumpy and told me she needed mommy daughter time. So we decided I would pick her up from school the next day and we would have some special time. 

The next morning she kept reminding me to pick her up because it was our day. Three rolled around and we were able to start our girls day!

First, we made a trip to Cold Stone for ice-cream, we took it to go and ran across the street to Target. I had the cutest idea to get her a Cinderella dress and then go to the Cinderella movie. When we got inside Target she told me would rather have a stuffed animal. I didn't know how that would go with her dad since she already has sooooo many stuffed animals but it was her day, so she got a stuffed ballerina puppy that she named Bella. 

We brought Bella into the movie with us and enjoyed some popcorn and Lo had her gummy bears. We barely made it to the movie in time but because it was at 3:50 the theatre was relatively empty so it wasn't too big of a deal to find a seat. 

Cinderella was AMAZING! We loved it as much as Maleficent and Lo has been singing Lavender Blue since we walked out of the theatre. She cried a couple times but one time was happy tears. It was such a cute movie and you should definitely go see it. (The one commercial we did see was for Pan and ohmigosh I cannot wait to see it)

We had been remodeling the kids rooms and even though I hadn't done much but sit and watch Bryson my back was still hurting from not laying down all day (you know your back is weak when sitting hurts it) so I was nervous about going to see a movie. Bryson has been asking me to go to a movie for months and I haven't felt up to it. But Lo sat on my lap part of the movie and held my hand like we were on a date and it was totally worth it. When we were walking into the house afterwards she even grabbed my hand. 

My heart just melted. She is such a special little girl and I love our dates together. 


Ashley said...

hahaha the bookcase...naturally! you mean it's not a jungle gym?!? so cute!

Anonymous said...

Good job Mama!!

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