7 Weeks Postpartum

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Age: 7 Weeks
Height: 23 1/4 inches
Weight: 10 lbs 6 oz
Milestones: Smiling more, especially at dad and sleeping longer periods at night! Sometimes up to 7 hours! Other times it's his typical 3 hours 
Best Moment: As always this week has been great. We enjoy Foster so much and it still is incredible to me how there really was no "adjustment phase". He just fit perfectly and all of our personalities mesh so well. 
Health: He's still doing perfect and I think we really take this for granted. Bryson and I are both so thankful that we are ALL so healthy, we really took some time this week to just appreciate the fact that we can all literally do anything without restraints. 
Eating: He's eating awesome but this momma has kinda felt like a pacifier lately! He went through a growth spurt and was eating a lot more last week and this week I felt like my milk supply was down so I whipped out the placenta pills and started pumping an hour and a half after every feeding and it's coming back up to where I need it to be. 
Extra comments: We are all getting so excited to see family! This weekend is Brysons birthday, next weekend is my aunts wedding and L's birthday and the weekend after is L's party and mine and Bryson's anniversary! Bryson's mom and sister are coming down from WY for L's birthday and it'll be the first time Bryson's mom will meet Foster so I know he is really excited for that. 
We love swimming! and I hope that Logan + Foster will be master swimmers next summer. L and I were doing classes but after I had Foster I couldn't swim for awhile so we had to postpone and she's been using a life jacket and floaties for now

Welcome football season! We started to watch football and Bryson loves that there is another boy in the house to bond with because I cannot sit for 4 hours and watch football. I recently started washing my hair with the "No Poo" method (baking soda and vinegar) and my hair was in the adjustment phase for a week and so it was always up. Now it's never felt healthier! I'm thinking I'll do a post in a month or so about it. 

Look at those gorgeous eyes! 

Foster wasn't feeling good the other day so we had a "lax day" as L calls it and just tried to make him comfortable 

We had to get L's invites done for her party! So this is how that happened haha Little stinker didn't want to me to put him down! 

We added the Bumbo a couple minutes a day to work on sitting up and he actually loves it! He can look around and play with his sister easier  

On days L has school I get up around 5 to feed him and then hop in the shower. L has always gotten up early so when she hears me up she wanders into my room. I lay Foster with Logan and they watch a movie together while I shower and then he goes with me while I get ready :) 

Before school she loves to draw! 

It's been POURING here so we bundle up to go out! No joke it's been flooding. Our our little town in the desert isn't made for rain. There was water up to the windows on cars.

While we were moving things to the shed our dogs made it game to try to escape. Lunchbox (the shitzu) was running under the grill cover to try to surprise me. 

I just love sunny mornings. It's perfect family bonding time

Who's excited for Pumpkin Spice Lattes?! To cut back on fat and sugar ask for low fat milk instead of cream and no whip. I promise it's still good 

This is a typical day of my caloric breakdown for macros 
If anyone is interested in a breakdown of my daily foods let me know! 
I also found out this week that if you are on a phone you can't comment on my blog, anyone have any ideas why? google was not helpful 

If you're interested in my updates from now on they will be in the nutrition tab along with all my recipes and workouts :) 


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