That One Skirt I Couldn't Get Off My Mind

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

So there was this skirt. Spandex on the top and synthetic leather on the bottom. It was better than the ones I'd been oohing and ahing over daily during my online browsing. I loved this thing. I would've never even tried it on before because I would've been disappointed when I couldn't squeeze into it. (This store only puts out smalls) and as much as I love this store I always just look because the clothes are made for girls skinnier than me but we had some time so I grabbed two skirts, a black shirt and a size 29 in some adorable boyfriend jeans (which was the biggest size or I'd have grabbed a 30/31).

Skirt #1 and the black shirt. The shirt was a little too see through for me because I'm not into layering because I feel so crowded and the skirt just wasn't me.

The jeans were way to big around my butt but fit my thighs so they were a definite no go. Not even picture worthy. 

And then the skirt. 

But like always I talked myself out of it and put it back. We made a couple stops and as I bought some montecello hot cocoa; I couldn't stop thinking about that skirt. I kept talking about it and finally Bryson just told me to get it. He dropped me off at a stop light, I ran in and..... It was gone! Jk no it wasn't. The sales associate that was helping me was so excited I came back. She said she loved it on me which made me more excited to get it even though I'm pretty sure they tell that to everyone it still makes me more excited about clothes when someone tells me they like it. 



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