6 Weeks Postpartum

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Age: 6 Weeks
Height: 23 1/4 inches
Weight: 10 lbs 4 oz
Milestones: He is awake so much more! He is even smiling sometimes! This is huge for Mr. Stoic
Best Moment: We had a cajun boil for the hubby's birthday on labor day. I had so so so much fun. We swam and had a delicious dinner. It was awesome family time. It was so fun I didn't even take pictures because we were all enjoying ourselves so much. We also had a great trip to SLC this weekend. It was awesome bonding time with the family and if you want to see pictures from that trip click here. 
Worst Moment: I might take this out because we really don't have horrible moments. There are nights he won't sleep but they're not exactly what I would consider the "worst moment" There are always things that could be horrible and it seems foolish to sweat the small stuff. 
Health: He's awesome! He went through a little growth spurt and was eating so much and now I feel like he is hardly eating at all.
Eating: He's eating great and finally starting to get a little pudge. We're also getting the hang of eating in public. He just latches on like nobodies business. 
Extra comments: Sister is such a big help still. She's still not bored of him and treats him like he is her baby :) 

You can almost see his rare smile here! 

"Try and make me do tummy time. Do it." He flips over so fast that I can't even leave him alone if I want him to do tummy time because he just rolls over. 

His little hair is falling out and growing back at the same time. It's still so soft and the sides are staying in strong haha 

He's so fast when he's rolling over! It's all about the momentum and the little tongue out :) 

My little turtle boy

He'll even pull himself were he wants to go! I kept scooting back while I was trying to take pictures of this speedy little thing

Aren't you going to hold me?

I'll come to you.

Mom! I'm hungry, again! 

We went to Mema and Papa's this week and this is Logans cousin helping watch him while I helped with billing. He told his dad that we wanted to dress handsome for when Logan came over to play. How cute is that?!

Logan is into drawing. Like really really into drawing. She drew a siamese twin this week and on the back was a pregnant mommy haha She's such a good drawer, you should see her monsters! 

Logan was going to her dads while we went to SLC but she was helping me pack and we found some baseball hats 

I can not say enough how much I love my husband. He is so amazing to us. It's his birthday this month and our anniversary so it's a special month to appreciate him. It's also Lo's birthday this month. Who's ready for the cutest swim party ever?!

This week before we left for SLC I worked my buns off but then we ate at places like Mimi's Cafe and Cheesecake Factory. 'Nuff said. 

Pre Pregnancy Weight: 158 lbs 
End of Pregnancy Weight: 156 lbs, -2 lbs 
Last Weigh In: 137.6, -1.6 lbs 
Current Weight: 137.6, -0 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 20.4 lbs
How are you feeling? Good. I do wish that I at least lost an oz this week but that didn't happen. Oh well, this week will be different! Let's shoot for 135 buy the end. That's 2.6 lbs but I think it's 100% possible if I really work at it this week! 
Calf: 13, -0
Thigh: 20 ,-0
Hips: 39.5, -0
Waist: 35, -.5
Abs: 28.5, -0
Torso: 34, -1
Arms: 10, -.5
Neck: 12.5, -0


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