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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This is a "typical" grocery store staples cart for us. Some things I buy in bulk like spinach, kale, coconut oil, chia seed, flaxseed meal, granola and almond milk and some of these I wouldn't buy but the hubby and L came with me so some things magically ended up in the cart ;) This whole cart was under $120 and is 95% organic. Organic shopping doesn't have to be expensive. Skip Whole Foods and try a local store. Our Safeway is PACKED with organic options and costs way less than Whole Foods for the exact same thing. 

I never buy pasta. The last time I bought it was maybe 6 months ago but I decided to go out on a limb when I saw a yummy looking recipe for spinach lasagna when I came across these! Quinoa pasta....What?!?! I didn't even know they made that. I'll give you a review of it after we try it out :)

Healthy Snacks! Healthy snacks are so important in achieving your weight-loss goals. They help keep you from over eating when meals come around and indulging on bad options. The Lime chips are super good and they don't have that nasty synthetic lime taste. Apple straws should be called cinnamon sugar goodness. Nuff said. The vegetable chips are actually something my hubby found and they are so good and so pretty! We love to dip them in our favorite Roasted Red Pepper Hummus. (We also like the dill and cucumber hummus made with greek yogurt.) The bunny chocolate grahams are my daughters and they taste just like teddy grahams 

It took me awhile to get into the greek yogurt faze because I never really liked the taste but I learned to love it! You can definitely train your body to like certain things but with all the flavors they have they are delicious! 

We use about an onion a week but I don't like to buy more than one at a time or I feel like they go bad. We got broccoli and cauliflower for roasting to dip in Hummus and bananas for protein pancakes, breads, smoothies and lots more. I normally buy two and let one get brown because then it's better in things like breads and pancakes. The pumpkin is another thing that just ended up in the cart. There's also bell peppers to stuff with quinoa and other veggies! 

A couple things we didn't need and probably shouldn't get but ended up in the cart 

The ricotta and parmesan is for the skinny lasagna I am making tomorrow, the mozzarella is for the hubby and the feta we share :) That's another thing I've grown to love as I've gotten older. I used to hate strong cheeses and now I love them! I put feta in salads, on chicken, in frittatas and whatever else! 

 Bacon is L's favorite breakfast and I love it in my salads. This is the best turkey bacon I have ever had, When you cook it there isn't even any grease in the pan so you know that there's going to be no grease coating your insides haha The chicken apple sausage I haven't tried yet but again it's all natural and it sounds deliciously fall.

Hubby loves orange juice while I, on the other hand, am not a fan. So that's all him haha Balsamic Vinaigrette is yummy on chicken and salads. 

There was no ezekial bread at Safeway and we didn't want to go to Whole Foods for just one thing so Bryson picked this out to give it a try! 

I'm the only one in my family that likes sushi so I normally just get my fix when we go out but I decided to give Safeway made sushi a try and I have to say it wasn't bad! It actually was pretty dang good and I will be getting it again (probably a couple times a week)! They didn't have any spring rolls or I would've gone out on a limb with those as well. 
*Remember to look at serving sizes. This box is 3 servings

Isn't this cup cute?! It was on sale for 50% off! I also got a few cute plates! EEEK I love sales almost as much as I love straws! 

I toss a little under a tbs of chia seeds in with my yogurt, mix and let sit for 10 minutes or so. The seeds will get soft and it's almost like a healthy tapioca pudding ;) ok, not really but it's still super delicious!


Lauren said...

I stumbled onto your blog by accident (and became a creeper for a minute there), but I really like your blog and you've got a new follower! And how was the quinoa pasta? We're looking for some healthier alternative here (really trying to get away from anything processed and eating way less packaged food), but that seems like something that would be worth a try.

Makeover With Aspen said...

Stalk away :) I am the biggest stalker of blogs. The quinoa pasta unfortunately was a bust. It was so mushy no matter the amount of time we cooked it for.

Lauren said...

Wow! I just saw that you commented me back! :) That stinks about the quinoa pasta, I'm still trying to get my guys to even try quinoa anything!

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