No Cheats 'Till Turkey Dinner!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Today at the gym my goal was to burn 1,000 calories and I over shot that goal and I was so proud of myself! Some people are more motivated to get bikini ready but for me I want to get in shape for the holidays because, let's face it, that's when most of us gain our weight back. I figure if I get motivated to lose weight for the holidays then I'll be more conscious of what I'm eating this season.

My goal is to be at my goal weight (120) or size (1/2) by New Years so that when summer comes around I'm maintaining and not having to work my buns off and be miserable trying to get into the perfect swim suit (which I have yet to find by the way). 

Here's how #NoCheatsTillTurkeyDinner works....

1) make a diet plan and stick to it
In my diet plan it's no processed foods with one cheat meal a week and working out 4+ days a week. This plan could be different for everyone and it's ultimately what YOU think YOU can do so YOU can achieve the results YOU are working towards. Notice this all has to do with capital Y O U. This doesn't mean you have to skip yummy holiday favorites just try healthy alternatives like my yummy Paleo Banana Bread.

2) if you screw up it's ok. There is no reason ever to skip a meal. 
This is all a out being healthy and fit not skinny and starving. If you go out and mess up or grab a handful of _______ or a slice of______. It's ok. This is life after all and we're meant to enjoy it. Just remember if you mess up once during the day it's not an excuse to continue to mess up. 

3) The only person that can hold you accountable is you. 
Your spouse, brother, sister, mom, dad, cousin, ect. can only help you so much. You ultimately have to want it for you. 

4) get a buddy. 
I'm your buddy! Use the hash tag #NoCheatsTillTurkeyDinner on Instagram, Facebook and twitter to "check in" post meals, workouts or if you just need a boost! 
Add me on MyFitnessPal to keep track and share food and exercises day to day. My username is aspengroen 

Let's work together and get fit! 

If you want to do an Instagram photo challenge here are the posts and days but feel free to post a ton more :) 

September 10: Your meal/workout plan 

September 13: Your "before" picture, include stat's if you want or keep them for yourself. To figure out how to properly take stats click here. 

September 17: Your meals for the day

September 20: Your workout for the day 

September 24: Your inspiration

September 28: Your motivation 

October 2: Your cheat meal for the week. (This may be a different day based on your plan) 

October 5: Your view for the day

October 10: Your one month progress pic! Maybe a side by side of month 1 to 2? Check your stats today too! 

October 13: Favorite place

October 19: Your night

October 23: The most relaxing place for you

October 25: Your favorite Halloween decoration

October 28: Your favorite healthy meal

October 31: Your awesome Halloween costume! 

November 3: Daylight Savings! The best/worst of daylight savings 

November 7: What you wore

November 11: Veterans Day - Whatever that is to you

November 14: Your month 2 progress pic! Side by side and stats! 

November 18: Your favorite fall decoration in your house! 

November 21: What has helped you most this journey

November 25: What you are most excited to eat at Thanksgiving

November 28: A collage of your Thanksgiving! 

I think a #NoCheatsTillChristmasDinner might be in order..... 

Good Luck Everyone! 


Netty said...

Love this plan, I'm going to try it! What are you doing at the gym that you are burning that many calories? I'm still working on getting to my gym and would love some ideas on what to do when I start.
I love your blog, by the way! Our baby boys were born on the same day! I've been working out at home but am slowly losing motivation. I feel like there is so much weight to lose and I get so frustrated when I don't see results. Your blog and instagram definitely motivate me though! :-)

Aspen Ballard said...

I'm so glad you're getting motivation from me! That keeps me motivated haha I was at the gym over two hours and my heart rate was 160+ the whole time. I always start on the stair climber level 10 for at least 10 minutes to get my hr up then focus on one muscle group a day. (back, abs, legs, arms) That's so crazy that our babies were born on the same day! I have no motivation at home I have to go to the gym. Feel free to use the hashtag to get more motivation from everyone!

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