Foster Brady's One Month Favorites

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Month one came and it went and there were some definite things that helped the transition with the new baby in the house. These aren't the obvious things like diapers, wipes, crib ect because those are ALL things we definitely need but the things that you might skip over on your registry or think you can do without only to realize you're running to the store to pick them up after baby gets here. 

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1) These are on EVERY SINGLE list for month one must haves. They are the Aden + Anais Swaddles.  They are made out muslin and you can get organic, cozy, bamboo or original and they are extremely light weight and bigger than normal receiving blankets. Because they are so lightweight you can swaddle them so tight and not have it all bunched up under them when they are sleeping. They are also great to throw over the carseat on hot summer days or when the winter chill is starting to hit. 

2) The Moby! So many people give up on these way to easily. They are a huge piece of fabric that you wrap around you then pretty much just shove baby in. Because Foster was so tiny all the original carriers were way to big for him and there are so many different ways to wrap babies and as they transition into toddlers. 

3) I love love love my Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Diaper Bag. It is huge on the inside and can be worn as a backpack but my very favorite thing is how it folds out into a changing station. I cannot tell you how many times that has come in handy and it is so much easier than those disposable liners. Not to mention it's adorable.

4) A swing. Any swing. I was not going to get one then ended up frantically searching for one because I couldn't get anything done. The swing I have is a traditional swing, it plays music, has different speed BUT you can take the swing part off and it turns into a bouncer. Mind blown. Babies are so cluttered so it's nice only having one huge thing sitting out. 

5) The last thing that I used a lot especially in the beginning and will use more when I transition him to a bottle is my Medela Advanced Breast Pump. I exclusively pumped with my first and it has lasted through baby #2 as well. It costs a pretty penny but is SO worth the money. I can't imagine hand pumping when it still takes me 20+ minutes to pump with a motor and another 20+ minutes to feed my baby. I haven't used a bottle on Mr. Foster yet but when I do I still want him to have breast milk. 

AND because you all are so amazing for coming and reading all this I'll give you my husbands #1 rated thing that he thought was most helpful through month one........

6) boobs. 


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