L is 4!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I cannot believe my sweet girl turned 4 on Sunday. She has grown up into the sweetest most caring girl I have ever met. She is so respectful and loves everyone she meets. She is the smartest little girl and always wants to learn (and tell everyone what she learned ;) ) We were watching old videos the other day and I feel like they weren't long ago at all but she has grown up SO much. It does make me a little sad but at the same time I am so excited for her future 

She tells me, "Mom, I'm getting so xasperated" 

We had a fun time watching sister ride the four wheeler 

We went out for breaky and L ordered pancakes. When the IHOP crew thought it was a good idea to bring out ice cream and sing...whatever...they're basically the same thing right haha

I have to wear my MOM bracelet for every special occasion. This bracelet and my wedding ring are my  two favorite accessories 

Sister's big day is wearing us out! 

We visited dad at the fire station to take her first ride in the fire truck! She was so excited when dad called in the morning and was talking about it all day. We even had to go early! 

We also made brownies for her class :) They were interesting to make but turned out pretty good! It was our first time making gluten free, nut free and soy free brownies (lots of allergies in this little class) She was so excited to bring them in and her teacher sent me this cute little snapshot  :) 

We had another amazing year with our little girl and I cannot wait for the next one :) 


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