Baby Shower: F-town Edition

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Today I was so blessed to be able to spend the day with family and friends celebrating this precious little life inside me. Before I even get started on the details I just want to say how truly amazing and humbling it is to have so many loving people surround me. 

This morning I had an incredible shower hosted by my lovely sisters and mom for my in town family. We had a delicious brunch on my parents back yard and the weather was perfect! 

Foster Brady Ballard

Yummy quiches made by my mom, Gram and Mema 

My little brother Gavin! 


Cupcakes that looked delicious but that I never got around to trying. I was waiting for Logan to lick off the frosting and bring me the rest but I think she was to busy playing to eat one either! 

Name tag/thank you card station- We mustache you to write your address on thank you cards...

Baking more quiches! They were seriously delicious, I'm going to need the recipes! Or maybe not because I might sit down and eat a whole one myself! 

This little stinker was not in a picture mood! 

Tegan tried to sneak some pictures of Logan for me :) 

No one else but her was drinking out of the mustache straws right (according to none other than her) 

I can't even handle the coolness of this kid...

Guess who got spoiled again? 

My mom telling a very animated story

Foster's going to look just like his daddy! 

Another precious handmade quilt from Grandma Pat! 

Instagram session! 

It's perfect! 

Another adorable handmade blanket from Aunt Vanita! This baby is spoiled rotten already! 

Tyne and Tegan informed me I have a very serious face when reading cards. I informed them I was blind and having a hard time reading them! 

I'm the biggest creep...

Logan loved the By-Your-Side-Sleeper because then she still gets to use the crib mattress in our room because Foster won't need it

Another Instagram session

And yes, this is yet another instagram session 

Seriously though, for all of you that know Bryson, Foster is going to be dressed EXACTLY like his daddy! 

Just for Tyne, this is me saying "onsie" in the biggest baby voice possible 

Thank you Mema. How did you know that exactly what we needed was yet ANOTHER microphone in the house?

My lovely hostesses and I

Let's play Spot The Girl Who Doesn't Want To Take Pictures

Let's start a tradition where we all take pictures at the beginning of the day rather than the end so we don't look exhausted haha 

Again I just want to say thank you to everyone not only for coming and the amazing gifts (SLC family also) but for being so loving and supporting through this whole amazing experience. We really couldn't have done it without every single one of you.
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