Crazy Pregnant Lady

Friday, January 23, 2015

Odds are, if you've been pregnant (or with someone who's pregnant) you know about the dreaded pregnancy emotions. 

I'd like to think I'm a pretty level-headed person.  I try not to jump to conclusions, if somethings bugging me I don't beat around the bush and my husband cries more often then I do. 

But these pregnancy emotions have turned me into a crazy lady. I swear it gets worse with every pregnancy.  So I thought I would give some of my most memorable, emotional moments from each pregnancy. 

Pregnancy #1 - This one to me seems pretty reasonable. When Bridge to Teribithia came out I had seen it a couple of times but I was maybe 5ish months pregnant and decided to watch it again with my sisters. I laugh cried from around the middle of the movie alllll the way to the end. 

Pregnancy #2 - With this pregnancy it was all about the commercials. I couldn't handle anything that I could turn remotely sad. However, Bryson did tell me I was super sweet this pregnancy. I say it was because my hormones were so high that I had to keep them in check.

Pregnancy #3 - So here we are. I have been super hormonal and cranky. Exhausted and filled with all sorts of emotions. This past week I was grocery shopping with Bryson and we always split up because Foster will cry if Bryson is near us because he wants to be held. I went to get hamburger buns for the bison burgers we were going to have that night. I grabbed the pack I always do and was looking at it realizing there were only four buns. So what? It was that moment I realized that there wouldn't be enough for all of us when River is big enough. I did not have a full out bawl session but I did shed a tear or two. Bryson came over right then and just brushed past it. I knew that I could just buy two bags.....but for some reason it didn't seem realistic then. 

I honestly have no idea why I am so much more emotional (my husband would say crazy) this time around.  am going to blame it on lack of sleep and a exhaustion from chasing around a wild one-year old.

What is your best crazy pregnant lady story?


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