Nutrition Month Three

Thursday, October 31, 2013

I definitely noticed a difference in the way my clothes fit this month and my arms look buff. No joke when I flex I feel like a bad ass. The goal I originally made was to fit into a bridesmaids dress by december but it is already to big so new goal is to be a size four by Jan 18, I'm in need of some motivation. This month started out so good and just went downhill food wise. 

Pre Pregnancy Weight: 158 lb
End of Pregnancy Weight: 156 lbs, -2lbs
Last Weigh In: 135.6, -2lbs
Current Weight: 134.8, -0 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 23.2 lbs
How are you feeling? I'm actually really disappointed in myself this month. I knew I was slacking and the scale wasn't changing but I was seeing such a big difference...or so I thought. My arms are definitely more toned and my love handles looked way smaller (they may be I never have measured them) but I thought I would see an overall difference in my body this month because I have been busting my arse at the gym and feel like I've been doing so good. I don't know, I guess this was the wake up call I needed to be more diligent about my eating because I know I'm doing what I can in the gym. 
Calf- 13, -0
Thigh- 19, -1
Hips- 38, -0
Waist- 34, -0
Abs- 27.5, -0
Torso- 33, -0
Arms- 10.5, +.5
Neck- 12, -0 

We went to a halloween party which was a blast 

I've been very consistent in the gym (thanks to my partner) so I know that it's the food that is an issue for me. I would love if you would add me on my fitness pal (aspengroen) to help keep me motivated and eating healthy! 

I made a huge batch of salsa this past week and we've almost eaten all of it! You can find that recipe here

This is what I made for my Sunday School class. It's a cream cheese danish and this was the trial run (The real one was so much more pretty...which is why I do a tester) You can find the recipe here. You can substitute the crescent rolls and cream cheese for low fat and the sugar with stevia and it tastes delicious! Not to mention it's a third of the calories.

This has been my favorite lunch lately. I've been getting fresh baked pitas from the local grocery store (I need to find a recipe for some made without flour though) and put in Sabra Cucumber and Dill Dip, Chicken, Onions, Feta and spinach. Delish.

My knees aren't's just a smudge on the mirror.... 

Is it ok if I live in ballerina buns?

Love love love my halloween baseball tee you can purchase your own here

Another yummy lunch idea is some lunch meat (I used procsiutto) then one sliced of pepper jack cheese (cut into three pieces) and guacamole then all wrapped into a delicious package...there were three but I ate one. 

I did get my ten minute mile this month! I was so excited about it but that was pretty much my only goal I hit this month. 

The first week of the month I was pumped and Katy and I meal prepped...then I just sucked when the food ran out haha but we have another meal prep day and I need to plan days to do it more

EEEK! Look at these cute little healthy snacks for Lo's halloween party today! I just couldn't get over them. Thanks pinterest! You never let me down! 

We also went on a trip to our local pumpkin patch last week and it's one if my favorite things to do. We really wished dad could have came with us! 

Thanks for reading! I could really use some inspiration and motivation this month! 


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