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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I'm still here! I have had no time for anything, let alone blogging lately and I miss it so much! I have so many posts but they require so much work time. The free time I get between working out, school, keeping up the house and taking care of the kids I have been enjoying with family time :) and I love it. I'm so ready for relax time. This momma is exhausted. Here are a couple snap shots from the week 

My grandparents have this amazing swing we call the "flying saucer" it's like a mini version of the swinging trampolines you see all over Pinterest 

It started out as just me and I ended up with two littles cuddling with me on it 

We've done some Halloween crafts in our jammies 

Mornings with my two handsome men. F does have pants on but they were scrunched up haha 

My husband thought he was my other half but...... bahahaha

Veggie Tales came to our town and we had so much fun! L loved it and it was amazing family time 

Right now I am sitting in a sea of clean laundry waiting for me to fold it while I feed F and write this while L is crashed out on the couch and Bryson's at work. I started school and a new workout routine that is killer but I love it. It's for fitness comp training and is 6 days a week. It takes a lot of time but is totally worth it.  My first day of school I went in pee and spit up covered yoga pants/ sweater and no makeup. I also have so many photoshoots to edit and three more coming up this weekend. Here are a couple sneak peeks from the shoots this weekend


Tyne Baade said...

This is a great post. I just love it. ALL OF IT. you are amazing. we need to hang out soon. Great photos. Can't wait for this weekend. Also, I love our photo hehe.

Aspen Ballard said...

We definitely should. This weekend is going to be amazing! Our photo might just be the best photo ever taken.

My Life as Whitney said...

Busy mama! Your family is gorgeous!!! And I am dying to know more about that swing!?

Aspen Ballard said...

I feel busy! But when I explain it it doesn't seem like much haha It's my grandma's swing and it came with the swing set she ordered. I'm not sure where she got it from but I think Walmart or Target. There's a horse swing on it too that's really cute :)

Amanda Beachler said...

Beautiful photo shoots! And you're little ones are so cute!

Aspen Ballard said...

Thank you so much :))

Kayla Dolen said...

Amazing!!! Love them all:)
Boy, oh {mamas} boys Blog

Aspen Ballard said...

Thank you :)

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