Foster Brady's Two Month Favorites

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I have been such a slacker mom lately. I feel like I'm behind on everything and like there are a million and two things to do. Now that things are starting to settle down I can finally post Foster's two month favorites! In the next day or two I'll get his two month post and my 2 month nutrition post up but those actually involve doing stuff instead of plopping into bed after a long day and making something on photoshop. So here are the things that have made life with baby SO much easier.

1. Mam Air Silicone Pacifier These paci's are amazing! They are the only ones Foster will take. They are skinny at the bottom and then they get really wide. I think they are easiest for him to keep in because these are actually the only ones that his sister would take also. As she got older she actually would put two in her mouth sideways haha (to ween a 1 or 2 year old off of paci's just cut of the end and give them the hard part. They won't have anything to do with it and will just lose interest)
2. Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper This little contraption CANNOT be used what it is made for. The gist of it is you lay it in the bed and then baby can't roll into you but if one person is heavier than the other or if it's even a little to much on one side it leans and baby rolls over into the side. I was really bummed about this because I was so excited to co sleep with it but no joke it seemed way to dangerous. Then I had a genius moment and stuck it in the bathroom and he can lay in it without me worrying or just having him on the ground or a towel. It also stores up really small. 
3. A hair dryer! This is so funny but Logan and Foster both LOVED the sound of the hair dryer. I leave it on the whole time I'm curling my hair and doing my makeup because he just loves the white noise and will sit there and play. 
4. Johnson's Natural Head-to-Toe Natural Baby Shampoo These Johnson's natural baby shampoos are 97% natural and there is only one thing that I'm not sure of on the ingredient list which isn't to shabby for the price compared to organic baby shampoos. It doesn't foam up like other baby shampoos (which is a good thing) and is just nice and silky. It also smells really nice. I use this for my 4 year old as well so her hair isn't being stripped of all its natural oils. 
5. Bumbo Floor Seat Foster LOVES this thing. I sat him in it at 6 weeks for literally a minute with me right next to him. Now we set him in it maybe twice a day, again while we are right there next to him (I don't want to hear about all the recalls and controversy) we love the bumbo. Just be smart and sit on the ground with your baby because this thing is amazing for helping them learn to sit up and babies just love to look around! 
6. Graco Ready 2Grow Classic Connect Stand and Ride Stroller This stroller is huge and it wouldn't be my first choice if we were to redo it (I would go with a jogging one) but for just walking around stores or town it gets the job done. Splurge and spend the money on a nicer stroller but we liked this one because it fit him and L perfect and once he gets to big for the baby part he can move to the toddler part (where L sits now) and the baby part pops off and there is a hard seat for an even bigger child. So it is nice that it grows with them. 
7. Honey, go get yourself a Venti Skinny Hazelnut Latte or a Pumpkin Spice Latte w/ no whip and lowfat milk because you deserve it. 
8. Halo SleepSack Swaddle in Micro-fleece LIFESAVER! This this is uh-mazing! Foster was waking up so much at night and now he's sleeping 8 hours in a row. You cannot ask for better than that. I chose the micro fleece one because it's getting chillier now and he always kicks off his covers but they have lightweight ones as well. You zip them up in the sack (the zipper is upside down so you don't even have to unswaddle them to change their diapers) then you either hook the velcro swaddle part under or over their arms. It did take him a couple nights to get used to this but I change his diaper then feed him in it at night then I don't have to adjust him after he is asleep. As soon as he wakes up in the morning we take him out though. This is a night time only thing so when it's on he gets used to sleeping and not playing. 

That's it! Is there anything that helped you mommies and daddies during the second month? Also any helpful things for month three would be greatly appreciated!


Megan {Willow Way Blog} said...

laughing about the hairdryer! My daughter loves white noise too!

Aspen Ballard said...

It's so true though haha I would never be able to get ready without it on haha That's how it was for both of my babies!

Daniela M. said...

This is great!! I love how you have been updating your babies development! I wish I have done something similar with my little one. These are wonderful memories to keep and it will be great for him to see this one day! :)

A One Way Ticket to My World


Aspen Ballard said...

I know how you feel! I wish I would've done this with my daughter but it's never to late to start!

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