Punkin' Patch: School Trip

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

This year we went to the pumpkin patch with L's pre-k class. Bryson was working so L, F + I trekked it alone. We had a lot of fun (and a couple meltdowns) but it was over all a fun day :) There are not many places I enjoy more than the pumpkin patch. When it's cool in the morning and by afternoon it's perfect. Even the drive to the farm is amazing. L and I enjoyed looking for animals and driving under all the golden trees on the way up. 

The white pumpkins are my very, very favorite! 

Logan has grown so much. The first picture was when she was 1 month old (2009) and the second was in 2011, I'm not sure why we didn't do one in front of the sign that year. Time flys. I still remember spending the day with her crying and/or feeding her haha 

She told me that the donkeys were her favorite that year. It was ignoring us! We kept trying to get it to turn around and look at us but it was not having that. 

My little sheriff! We had fun on these. There were a lot of them sitting around and because we got there early we walked around and were playing with them. 

This little birds were everywhere! and it doesn't do them justice. Their bellies were so yellow! 

Fosters first year in the corn pit! He was not to impressed but he liked it more than his poor sister her first year. 


Looking for the perfect pumpkin...

and she found it! 

Foster got his first pumpkin too! 

L's pre-k class 

As always we had so much fun at the pumpkin patch and there were a lot of new activities this year that were a lot of fun. I hope we get the opportunity to go with Bryson next week. It's a great family place and we love all the fresh goodies that are there! 


Kayla Dolen said...

Your kids are beautiful!!! And a corn pit??? How fun!!!!:)

Boy, oh {mamas} boys Blog

Aspen Ballard said...

We love the corn pit! It's always a blast :)

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