Thursday, October 17, 2013

I love my family. I love how cuddly my kids are. I love that they still want to curl in my lap and climb all over me. (Ok, so one is only two months but you catch my drift) I love being a sense of security for them BUT mom needs her space. Sorry if this is too harsh. How dare I not want to be surrounded by my kids 24 hours a day 7 days a week?! In life I am a very secluded person when it comes to being touchy feely. I do not give back rubs (except to my daughter). I do not cuddle (except with my kids). I rarely like hugs. Thank goodness neither does my husband. It just wouldn't work but lately I have been sleeping with both kids, one uses me as a pacifier and the other lays the wrong way on the bed so either her head or feet are jabbed into my back. Why don't I just move them? 1) I love them and I love being next to them 2) What if they wake up and we have to start from scratch? I just can't risk it. 

But right now I am laying in bed with my computer on my belly and a huge glass of water next to me. I am editing pictures, pinning, scrolling mindlessly on Facebook and reading some of my favorite blogs all. by. myself. and (mommies understand me) it is WONDERFUL! My son is tucked into his sleep sack and snoring away. My daughter is folded into her sheets to where there isn't a crease in them (True Life: I live with an OCD four year old). My husband is watching American Horror Story in the living room. 


You cannot beat loud, busy days with the people you love and nice quiet nights to yourself.

Here are some lovely things I have found from my pinning adventure tonight.

According to Pinterest I'm very excited about fall

Nothing better than white on white (except maybe black on black) As soon as spit up and tinkle isn't a problem for my wardrobe I will be loving this! And of course when I get that body haha 

Little girls clothes are just the cutest. I need to get L this outfit. I love everything from the moccasins to the knotted Pocohantis headband.

How easy and cute are these little ghost treats?!

Not sure if I'd ever have anywhere to wear this but it looks so fun! Who am I kidding I will wear this anywhere, I love it. 

More realistically this is my style right now. I am not big into jean vests but I love them over a big sweater or oversized long sleeve shirt

Mini Me. I really need to shop at places like Gap for L more


I love coffee cups. None of mine match and I just recently dropped my very favorite one a broke it :( into a million pieces. I was sad for a second but alas is life. I guess I have to buy a new one ;) 

I love the one color for all over look. It's so chic and effortless 

Here's a little ball of cute for you, ladies. 

I think I need this in my living room....

And last but not least a little stud muffin action. Is there anything hotter than a tattooed Adam Levine looking positively yummy doing yoga? You may just need to head over here to find out 
*CAUTION* some images may be too hot to handle 

The original links and my Pinterest board can be found here :) Don't forget to follow! I love sharing cute projects I'll probably never do and recipes I'll probably never make ;) 


ChatterBlossom said...

Oh pinterest! That sly devil who loves to tempt me away from doing daily errands...

Aspen Ballard said...

I know! I could stay on there all day

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