Foster Brady: 2 Months

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Age: 2 Months 
Height: 23 1/2 inches
Weight: 11.035 lbs 
Milestones: We moved his carseat straps up and he is still a rolling machine! 
Best Moment: He is such a smiley boy now! He will talk back to you and smile so huge! Also, drum roll please, he is sleeping EIGHT HOURS A NIGHT!!! Say whaaaaa?! He was sleeping horribly and waking up every hour and Bryson and I were both exhausted. I reached out to a mom group asking about a wombie and heard about this sleep sack and the first night he didn't like it but the second he slept 8 full hours and has continued that pattern. To see more of Foster's 2 month favorites click here. 
Health: Perfect, perfect, perfect. He did get shots this month and the poor thing was on my chest all day long. He was so miserable and sick but the next morning he was perfectly fine and his happy smiley self. 
Eating: This boy loves to eat. Mommy and daddy are bad about letting him try sauces when we're cooking and eating but he loves them!
Extra Comments: Things are finally settling down after a busy month and we are all loving the family time (even though Bryson just left for a hunting trip and L is at her dads this weekend. Family time will continue when everyone's back haha Foster was so good today while Katy and I meal prepped. He's getting so big and so much more alert.

P.S. There are a ton of pictures this month...but look at that handsome smile. I couldn't pick and choose. 

He will hardly stay on his tummy for one picture 

After our 4 am feeding we blew up balloons for dads birthday! 

A yummy homemade banana cream pie 

My gorgeous little poser

Look at those handsome eyes 

He loves play time with dad 

I love love love this thing in the bathroom when I'm getting ready. Check out Foster's two month favorites for all the info 

Mr. Dribbles has to wear a bib now or he's always wet 

I stick out my tongue at the Dr's also 

Sister turned 4! Check out that post here.

We had a special girls night in L's room and we watched my all time favorite movie...

The Sword in the Stone! I love old VHS movies! 

Archimedes is my favorite 

I have the hottest husband on the planet. 

This is the infamous sleep sack. They also have lightweight ones but I got the cozy winter one 

Framed decorations for fall and halloween! I love when my house is decorated! 

Birthday parties galore this month! Happy birthday Nya! 

Kisses for daddy 

Cousin Myles is getting so big! 

Our little superhero needed some daddy love 

Bryson got his black helmet at work (the first year they are on probation and wear yellow helmets and after a year they get black helmets) so L wanted a black helmet too and found one at Memas! 

Playing with Brother while mom works 

We had an amazing month with Foster (as always) and I love our family. I am soaking up this time with the kiddos before I go back to school next week. 


Julie said...

Thanks for the comment, you have an adorable little boy!! I miss that age so much. It goes too fast!

Aspen Ballard said...

It does :) I miss when my daughter was that small

Netty said...

Beautiful pictures! My son who was born the same day as yours is going through the exact same milestones! He just started sleeping 8 hours as well and I feel like a whole new person now that I've got some sleep under my belt.

Aspen Ballard said...

Awe that's awesome! I feel like a zombie since he started sleeping more. I fall into a harder sleep and it's a lot harder to wake up. I just posted his 3 month checkup :)

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