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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Foster is now scooting across the floor to get what he wants. Lo can copy any word you write down. When these pictures were taken by the wonderful Rachel Loya, I had forgotten how fast time flies. One day your baby can barely fit in his new born clothes and the next you're doing a baby massage on all his little rolls. You go from rocking your daughter to dropping her off at school. I have never been so grateful to be spending so much time with my little ones while they are still little. These milestones are worth it to me to have school take an extra year. I think it's always a good reminder that whatever it is will most likely be there tomorrow but your babies first steps or first recital are one time things and I plan on being there for all of them.
Maybe it's the way that I was raised but my parents were at every spelling bee, recital, sports event, play...they drive three hours every weekend so my sisters and cousins can play the soccer they want. Right now they are there because my sister is in a bowling tournament tomorrow. Sometimes when they would come I remember being SO embarrassed because no cool kids parents came to their stuff, duh. Looking back now I am so thankful that they did because not only did I know that they were supporting me but they instilled how important it is to be there for, not only the big award shows or championship games, but the daily lessons and the bowling tourneys ;) 
[Sorry Teags, I think your bowling is totally cool and I'm so proud of you for breaking 100]

What I'm getting at is remember that the grocery shopping can be done later, that business call can wait and yes, even that blog post can wait to be written. This is very hard for me. I am an electronic junkie. I can be on my phone or the internet literally, all day long. It's what relaxed me and when I am relaxed I am definitely more productive and a better mom and wife, BUT, I have been having to take a step back, turn off the device and truly get involved with my kids. Setting down my phone or the computer to play with them isn't hard, it's the camera that I struggle with when I am playing with them. I constantly want to take a picture of the cute thing they are doing instead of being 100% present when it's done. 

Can we all try to limit our electronic use? Whether it's an hour or day or waiting until the kiddos are sleeping to indulge, let's set everything down and be so involved with our kids that they get embarrassed by us ;) Don't have kids? Try going to your favorite coffee shop or park and strike up a conversation with someone there. 

I guarantee these things will brighten your day :) 


Linzi Scarsella said...

Such lovely pictures! Makes me want another little baby <3

Aspen Ballard said...

Thanks :) I'm already missing him being so tiny (but I'm loving all these awesome milestones

Anonymous said...

these photos are just precious!

Makeover With Aspen said...

Thank you Megan :)

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