L's Biopsy

Thursday, May 9, 2013

            Not many, if any of you, know but Logan has been having some problems with her hair falling out. Lately, it has gotten much, much worse. Today we went to see a Dermatologist and she said it could be one of two things, a fungal infection or an auto immune disease. She looked at L's head under a microscope and took a picture to show us what she was seeing. You could see that her hair had long healthy pieces of hair but then there were quite a few broken pieces that we couldn't see without a microscope. She let us know that the treatment for either were complete opposite of each other and she would have to do a biopsy of L's scalp. She put quite a bit of numbing cream on her head where she wanted to take the sample. We went to lunch and an hour later we came back.
           When we got back from a super yummy lunch we were set up in a room with cartoons playing. The nurse and doctor were amazing. They had me sit down with Loganator on my lap and we both leaned back. (Her head, where they were taking the biopsy was about an inch from my face) They had this little vibrating bumblebee that they held on her head while they gave her the numbing shot. While they were doing it she turned around and said, "Uh, you're hurting me." Then turned back around a kept watching her cartoons. By then she had a little bubble on her head where they gave her the shot and when they did the rest she didn't even feel it.
             Grossness coming up. After the shot the doctor took a little round scalpel, about the size of an eraser, and barely pushed on the little bubble on her head. When she took it out it looked like a little indention. She then got little pliers and popped the little sample out. All the while L was watching her cartoons. Two stitches and a little blood later we were all set! I cannot get over how kind everyone was and they did everything to make sure Logan was comfortable.
           For being such a brave girl someone got a surprise from her daddy! A little trampoline! She played on it for hours. Good way to end the day :)

Picture of Logan's biopsy spot in next pic


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