Baby Shower: Salt Lake City Edition

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This weekend was an awesome trip for my mom, L and myself. We made a trip up to SLC for a joint shower with my sister-in-law who is 31 days ahead of me. We had a beautiful shower that was hosted by one of my mother in laws and her sister. I had a blast seeing and spending time with everyone that I hadn't seen since the wedding.  My mom and I also had a blast shopping for Foster and Logan. I love going to a big city and getting to see all the shops. I wish we could have stayed longer but it was an incredible trip! Be prepared for awesome faces 

Loganator with her new strawberry purse getting ready for a day of shopping!

She's so beautiful and full of life

Gorgeous flowers!

My sister-in-law and her fiance. Our due dates are 31 days apart!

I still think she looks like a turtle sometimes and I love it

Logan being a grump butt but I still love this picture :)

Best pasta salad ever.

I thought I would take pictures throughout the day. Boy was I wrong.

The loot

L helped for a bit then went outside to play with the kids

Our gift to Bradlie, a diaper-cycle!

She loved the finger puppets

Madison was writing everything down we got for thank you notes. I think it was a bit confusing keeping track of two sets haha

Even Logan got spoiled by her Grandma Kathy

Our gift from my mom

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law

Mine and Bryson's mom

Bryson's mom and sister

All the moms!


P.S. I am the only one wearing heels so I look like a giant haha

Our beautiful hostesses


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