River: 1 Month

Sunday, July 5, 2015

River Jayce Jude! 

Our big boy is already 1 month! Where has the time gone? He's done a lot of growing and gotten a million snuggles so I am going to do a mini update of his first month and then go over some of my favorite moments we've had with him :) 

Age: 1 Month
Height:  22 inches
Weight: 10.6 lbs, +3lbs
Milestones: Is eating a ton and cuddling considered a milestone? If so than that's what we do. Really though, he is focusing on things and awake more. He still would like to just cuddle on mom all day but now he's playing more :)
Best Moment: My favorite moments are just cuddling with him and I love wearing him in his carrier.  My very favorite time was when we first came home from the hospital and we slept together all day for the first four days or so. I love bonding with the little being that grew in my belly for nine months.
Worst Moment: He HATED the Dr's office but didn't make a peep during his heel prick. He just screamed the whole appt 
Health: He's doing amazing. He's growing like crazy and hitting/surpassing all of the milestones he should be. We have another appt for his heart and a check up with shots next month but ever all he seems to be doing really well. Foster was even sick and River managed to stay healthy eve though everyone else caught a strain of it. 
Eating: Obviously eating is going great. He's my little chubby boy! Him and Foster were less than a pound different in weight when they were born but River is already two pounds more than Foster was at this age. 
Extra Comments: This month has flown by! He's been with us the entire time, work and all and is always held or in the carrier. He's our baby baby and he's already getting spoiled rotten. And I love it! 

At his check up for his heart, dad and Foster were playing Dr while we were waiting. 

At one week old he attended his first softball game! We love cheering on dad! 

After sponge bath snuggles

Before bed snuggles. He pretty much gets snuggled all day long. 

He's taken one nap in his crib..... whoops.

Nap time while mom works

When your poop stinks so bad it surprises even you.

Cuddling in the summer heat with mom! 

Sun's out, gun's out!

He's came with us to all the weddings we have done this month (5) and mema has came with us, I love being able to see him on work days. We snuggle for a bit after he eats.

Cuddling with big brother

Making silly faces at his heel prick. He didn't even fuss when it was done.

Fighting sleep

More feed time at work. There has been some gorgeous weather at weddings so sometimes we sit outside.

After his first real bath he got to wear his robe! 

Overall we have had an amazing month with him. He is always in the carrier or being held so he's a pretty happy baby. His big brother and sister are smitten by him and it's crazy to me how much he's changed in such a short period of time. We're already into his second month and I can't wait to watch him grow! 


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